The 10 Isekai Anime Without Romance If You Hate Love

The isekai genre has been gaining immense popularity in recent times, with at least one new series emerging every season.

But one common theme that has become almost inseparable from this genre is romance. It seems that every isekai anime nowadays features a romantic subplot.

Today, we’re going to explore the best isekai anime with no romance.

If you are weary of always encountering love stories when you want to enjoy a captivating isekai adventure, you’ve landed in the right place.

10. So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I'm a Spider, So What?

So I’m a Spider, So What? is a recent isekai anime, released in 2021.

The story revolves around a group of students who were reincarnated in an alternate world after being caught in the deadly crossfire caused by the battle between the Hero and the Demon King.

All of them seem to have kept their normal appearance, but to everyone’s surprise, the protagonist is reincarnated as a spider and must quickly adapt to her new life.

So I’m a Spider, So What? is a cool isekai anime set in a videogame world, with a good amount of comedy, action and a unique MC.

Regarding the romantic aspect, you’ll be pleased to know that there is none, not even the slightest hint of it, so you can watch it without worrying about any unwanted romantic scenes.

9. Knights and Magic

Knight’s & Magic is quite a niche isekai anime, released in 2017 in 13 episodes adapted from the light novel of the same name.

The protagonist is an otaku with a great passion for mecha, who unexpectedly dies in a car accident.

But instead of dying, he is reincarnated in an alternate world in the guise of Ernesti Echevarria, a silver-haired little boy.

And his goal will be to become a pilot of Silhouette Knight, the huge mechas that are used in this world, aided by his modern knowledge.

Knight’s & Magic is a good blend of isekai, fantasy, comedy, and especially mecha, that take center stage in the story.

And that is exactly what you can expect from this series, with a protagonist who is so fond of giant robots that he has no interest in love at all.

8. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is an adorable 2020 isekai anime released in 2 seasons adapted from a light novel.

The protagonist, Yuna, is a 15-year-old girl who spends most of her time playing video games.

But her life takes a unique turn when a strange upgrade grants her a one-of-a-kind bear costume with incredible powers, albeit slightly unwieldy.

But when she gets transported into the very video game she was playing, Yuna finds herself compelled to embrace the bear outfit’s abilities.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear thrives on its funny, light-hearted, and cute moments, all while avoiding ecchi and romance at the same time.

We warn you that you might find minimal romantic hints in it, but even those are ambiguous and not enough to label the anime as a romance.

7. Drifters


Drifters is an incredibly underrated isekai from a manga written by the same author of Hellsing.

Its story is about a Sengoku-era samurai named Shimazu Toyohisa who finds himself transported to another world after his death on the battlefield.

In this new world inspired by medieval Europe, Shimazu encounters both humans and fantastical creatures like elves and dragons, as well as famous warriors from other eras with modern weapons who are ready to fight.

What will happen from now on?

You can rest easy this time because Drifters has absolutely zero romance, not even hinted at or used for comedic scenes.

You will only find action, fights to the death, honor, and a dark fantasy setting.

6. The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow is a unique and dark isekai anime that was released in 2022, with 2 seasons so far.

The main character Minoru leads a seemingly ordinary life during the day, but at night, he dedicates himself to rigorous training to become increasingly stronger.

But his life takes an unexpected turn when after a fatal accident he awakens in a mysterious and dark world as Cid, the leader of a clandestine organization dedicated to battling demons.

The Eminence in Shadow is an isekai that, contrary to appearances, heavily relies on action and comedy, with utterly nonsensical scenes. This is one of the isekai anime where the protagonist is OP and you will notice it from his superpowers.

And the romance element also follows suit, with sporadic scenes that always conclude with comic interludes.

So you won’t find any romance or love story here, also because the main character has absolutely no interest in that.

5. Overlord


Overlord is a super popular isekai anime that’s been out since 2015 and has multiple seasons. If you’re into isekai with a villain as the main character, this is a must-watch, no doubt about it.

Although the initial premise is the same as other anime in the genre, the protagonist Momonga is not reincarnated into a weakling but instead into what is considered the most powerful being in his world.

This will lead him to be in command of a powerless army with which he will slowly conquer everything conquerable in a series of events that are never predictable or trivial.

And that’s exactly what’s unique in this series. The rawness of the actions performed by Momonga is real, as the tangible weight they have on the people of his world, as he’ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

When it comes to romance, Overlord has a few harem scenes, but they are always one-sided.

Momonga finds himself the object of desire for several women throughout the series, but he always shows no interest in any form of love.

So rest assured that Overlord is entirely without romance.

4. Konosuba


Konosuba is one of the most popular isekai anime series in recent years, with two seasons released so far and a third on the way.

The story of KonoSuba revolves around Kazuma Satou, a hikikomori who dies in a car accident while attempting to save a girl.

In the afterlife, he encounters the goddess Aqua, who offers him a chance to be reincarnated in a fantasy world and defeat the Demon King. As a bonus, he is granted the ability to bring anything he desires into this new world.

Kazuma decides to accept the offer and brings the goddess Aqua herself into the world, leading to various misadventures.

Since its release, Konosuba has been a perfect choice for isekai fans seeking a lighthearted and comedy-filled story with plenty of absurd and over-the-top moments.

And when it comes to romance, you’ll only find subtle hints of it, but it’s definitely not enough to classify the series as romantic.

Any romantic scenes that do occur are purely comedic and serve to generate more laughs, so you can rest easy.

3. 12 Kingdoms

12 Kingdoms

12 Kingdoms is a 2002 anime released in 45 episodes from the light novel of the same name.

The main character, Yoko Nakajima, is a high school student who is highly bored with her life.

But this changes when a mysterious man named Keiki enters her classroom, claiming to be her servant and guardian as she is the future queen of his kingdom.

The two are forced to flee from dangerous monsters, and Yoko begins a new life in a world unlike her own.

12 Kingdoms stands out as a great isekai that delves into political themes and complex entanglements, boasting a more mature tone compared to the genre’s norm.

Romantic elements, on the other hand, are almost totally absent, except for very few scenes that are used for comedic purposes rather than to initiate or deepen a romance between the characters.

So rest assured that 12 Kingdoms will offer you a series without romance, as you wish.

2. Saga of Tanya the Evil

Saga of Tanya the Evil

Saga of Tanya the Evil is an isekai anime released in 2017 that we consider to be one of the best and most innovative anime of this genre released in recent years.

It follows the story of Tanya, a young blonde girl who appears innocent but is a merciless and strong warrior on the battlefield, leading the Imperial Army.

Tanya was previously a Japanese bureaucrat, who was reincarnated as a child in a world destroyed by war due to his cynicism and blasphemy.

But instead of being desperate, he chose to rule this new world too with his undisputed intellect and evilness. For this reason, we consider it as one of the best isekai anime with an evil MC.

This anime is a real breath of fresh air for the Isekai genre, that offers a whole new vision in a realistic war scenario and with a protagonist who is anything but heroic.

And once more, it’s easy to see for yourself that within such a harsh, war-driven narrative, romance would be completely out of place.

1. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm: Stop at Nothing to be a Librarian is a unique 2019 isekai with 36 episodes for now, being still ongoing.

The protagonist, Urano Motosu, is a young college student with a passion for books.

She reads anything she can get her hands on and has a dream of becoming a librarian. But tragically, she dies in an accident just as she’s close to achieving her dream.

Her last wish is to be able to read more books in her next life, and that’s how she reincarnates as Myne, a five-year-old girl living in a medieval era where books are made by being copied by hand. If you are interested in an isekai with a young MC, this is another solid choice!

Ascendance of a Bookworm is simply a charming and innocent slice-of-life series with a solid plot and well-developed characters that undergo considerable growth throughout the story.

Therefore, love stories are not even considered, so you can watch it without any worries of finding them.

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