Fact checking and editorial policy

Nihonime.com tries to have accurate and updated information within the limits of our efforts. We review and check carefully before every article is published, although mistakes are behind the corner and we require your cooperation, if needed.

Sources are important for us, especially for quotes and information of dubious origin. Our writing process includes extensive research on the topic before we even start because we care about improving the industry.


Our listicles use the word “Best” because they have to be catchy, although they don’t really mean we have the objective answer, as it’s a matter of personal taste.

We strive for the maximum accuracy possible when mentioning sources and we have watched almost every anime we suggest.

We avoid and refuse plagiarized content of any kind. Synopses and repetitive information don’t require that much creativity but we try to be as unique as possible.

Nihonime.com wants to be a reputable source of information for anime lovers and anyone interested in Japanese culture from all around the globe. For this reason, we have to meet high expectations and ensure we play by the rules.

How Often We Update Content

We don’t have a fixed schedule but we update content every month depending on the article. You can expect the majority of our content to be periodically updated, especially when new seasons drop.

If you find outdated articles, feel free to comment on them or contact us.