The Top 10 Anime Set in the Victorian Era

The Victorian era began on June 20 1837 and ended on January 22 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria.

This era marked technological advancement and evolution in science, with important discoveries in fields like medicine and engineering. All of this contributed to Britain’s prosperity.

There are some anime that are set during the Victorian Era and you can clearly tell from their vibes.

This listicle is based on our opinions and anime are ranked according to how well they represent this setting.

10. Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Code:Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Based on an Otome video game of the same name, Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth sends us to Victorian England with a very enjoyable steampunk setting.

What makes it unique is the presence of many historical and literary figures all at once, such as Arsène Lupin, Abraham Van Helsing, Victor Frankenstein, Impey Barbicane, and the Comte de Saint-Germain.

Among them is the protagonist, Cardia, who lives isolated from the world because of her peculiar characteristic: her body creates a lethal toxin upon mere contact.

We still recommend you play the original visual novel if you can, as this adaptation should be considered as a promotion for the game.

9. Count and Fairy / The Earl and Fairy

The Earl and The Fairy

An anime with lighter, fairy-tale tones than the usual anime set in Victorian-age England.

Lydia Carlton, a 17-year-old Victorian-era English girl, is an out-of-the-ordinary beauty, who works as a fairy doctor. She uses her gift of being able to see magical creatures and communicate with them to help them solve their problems.

One day she will encounter Edgar Ashenbert, who will ask for her help under mysterious and enigmatic circumstances.

A story that presents a fantasy and colored atmosphere, enlighted by the love between the two, which will be born warming your heart, making this series one of the best historical romance anime.

8. Pandora Hearts

A very popular series in the action fantasy sphere adapted into anime in 2009 from a highly successful shonen target manga.

Oz Vessalius is about to turn 15 years old and as the heir to a prestigious family must perform the initiation ceremony toward adult life.

During the ceremony, however, Oz and his guests are attacked by a mysterious group of people in red cloaks, who consider the boy’s life a mistake that must be eradicated.

Much mystery, many twists and turns to be discovered in this gripping dark fantasy set in a hypothetical Victorian England full of magic.

7. Princess Principal

An original story released in 2017 in 12 episodes, with action, fantasy, thriller, and a dash of political themes.

The story follows the adventures of five girls and is set in the 19th century in an alternate London belonging to the Kingdom of Albion, divided between east and west by a wide wall.

The girls are undercover spies posing as students at the prestigious Queen’s Mayfair Institute, who will use their skills to make their way into the underground world.

Victorian atmospheres, action, espionage, and lots and lots of Moe distinguish Princess Principal.

6. Black Butler

Black Butler

A fairly well-known anime consisting of multiple seasons and a large number of episodes. Sebastian Michaelis is the protagonist, a butler of the ancient and powerful London house of the Phantomhive.

He can boast such qualities as a perfect education, good manners, knowledge of martial arts, and other talents in every other area imaginable.

He will be placed in the employ of Ciel Phantomhive, a wayward boy who nonetheless harbors a great secret as will be evident from the succession of strange events that occur.

The anime is set in a very atmospheric alternate Victorian London with dark fantasy elements.

5. Gosick


It is 1924, and the protagonist Kazuya Kujo moves into a fictitious country called Sauville, inspired by Europe with strong Victorian age vibes.

Having just moved in, he is about to study at St. Marguerite Academy where he meets Victorique de Blois, a mysterious girl who spends her entire days among the books in the library.

Kazuya becomes fascinated by her, partly because of her detective skills, which she uses to help her brother solve cases.

As you may have guessed, the anime is not set in Victorian England, but it takes strong inspiration from it.

4. Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot

If you are a fan of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, then you have found your bread and butter.

Indeed, Moriarty the Patriot tells the story of the most famous detective ever from the point of view of James Moriarty, his legendary archrival. The story starts from his origins to the moment when he established himself as Sherlock’s nemesis.

As all fans will already know regarding the settings, this anime is also no exception. Its setting is an evocative 19th-century London, where inequality is commonplace.

3. Emma: A Victorian Romance

Emma: A Victorian Romance

An anime released in 2005, adapted from a seinen manga.

The story is set in late 19th-century London and tells the story of Emma, a young maid employed at the home of Mrs. Stowner, a now-retired governess. In addition to narrating her daily life her love life will also be examined.

But don’t be fooled by the plot, which may sound like a classic romantic story. Emma: A Victorian Romance tells a very enjoyable story, filled with twists and turns and rendered technically very well, both visually and aurally.

2. Steamboy


From the genius of Katsuhiro Otomo came Steamboy in 2004, one of the best steampunk anime productions ever.

The plot is set in an alternate Victorian England of 1866 starring young Ray Steam, the son of a famous inventor. One day, Ray receives a metal orb from his grandfather of unspecified use.

For that he is pursued by the Ohara Foundation, which kidnaps him and takes him to London.

A movie that has a lot to offer, both visually and in terms of mystery and plot twists.

The steampunk London sceneries are amazing and represent quite well the contrasting themes of the movie, such as the conflict between science and soul.

Don’t miss it if you’re looking for one of the best anime set in Europe.

1. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure – Phantom Blood

JoJo Phantom Blood

The first part of the huge and legendary anime Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is known as one of the best fighting anime ever.

The setting is Victorian period England with dark elements, where Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando, two adopted brothers, live.

Although Phantom Blood is just an introduction to the better titles that come after it’s necessary to watch it to understand the entire JoJo universe.

But we can’t deny that it’s one of the best anime set in England ever.

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