The 12 Peak Wild West Anime for Western Aficionados

The allure of the Wild West is priceless: gunfights, cowboys, deserts, and rolling tumbleweed.

Of media portrayals set in the Wild West, we have seen plenty of them in TV series and movies, and surely anime can’t be outdone by missing this evocative setting.

And of course, to make you feel like a real cowboy, we have collected in this list all the anime that are either set in the real Wild West, at the end of the 1860s or remind us of it by paying homage to it.

Rankings are based on our experience and taste. Also, beware of spoilers, that may occur throughout the article.

12. Gungrave


An anime based on a video game could turn out to be a surprise even despite the premise.

The protagonist Brandon Heat awakens after a state of oblivion, bewildered and in need of constant care because of his condition, making him a sort of a zombie.

He remembers nothing of his past life, let alone who he was before falling into that deep sleep, but he can do one thing well: wipe out his opponents with the huge firearms he carries.

A constant search for identity as all-out gun battles flare up. This is Gungrave.

The only Wild West component is its gunfights, which may somehow harken back to cowboy vibes.

It’s an action anime featuring zombies and that’s precisely why we put it at the bottom of the ranking.

Nonetheless, the action is very enjoyable and the soundtrack apt, so it’s a good choice in case you want to watch a hybrid.

11. Grenadier


Grenadier is an adventure and action 12-episode anime released in 2004, with lots of ecchi.

Rushuna is a beautiful and skilled gunslinger who travels the world in order to bring peace to a turbulent period of civil war. She will gradually be joined by more and more allies who believe in her battle.

Despite the heavy ecchi scenes that this anime contains the wild west atmosphere will be incredibly present, with the protagonist being a true gunslinger.

But Wild West-related compliments aside, the anime itself is, unfortunately, definable as quite mediocre.

The plot is rather bland and lacks bite, the animations are borderline acceptable, and the ecchi scenes are sometimes too much.

Not a bad anime, but not a masterpiece either.

10. Rust-Eater Bisco

Rust-Eater Bisco

The story takes place in a now deserted post-apocalyptic Japan ravaged by a plague that covers the human body in a blight.

Young adventurer Bisco Akaboshi sets out with Dr. Milo Nekoyanagi in search of a legendary medicinal mushroom that is thought to be a cure for the disease.

A newly released anime that catapults us into a desert setting marked by bandits, outlaws, and gun fights.

So why is it so low in the rankings, you may be wondering. Its animations are really low-level, especially for being released recently, and its plot is chock-full of clichés, making it hardly innovative.

A wasted opportunity, given the amazing setting and premises.

9. Gun x Sword

Gun x Sword

Gun x Sword is a futuristic-fantasy adventure with quite an original setting.

The story is set on the fictional planet Endless Illusion, in a futuristic Wild West, and follows the adventures of Van, a man in a tuxedo seeking revenge for his late wife who was killed during his wedding.

The plot as you may have already guessed is very clichè, with a classic vengeance story that fans of the genre will love but may prove boring to a less passionate one.

As you can notice, many of the shows in this article feature a futuristic setting. That’s because the idea of Far West can work even if transposed into other ages.

8. Appare Ranman!


Appare Ranman! is a 13-episode anime that captured our attention thanks to its animations and for its cool samurai anime elements.

After an accident, engineer Appare Sorano and cowardly samurai Kosame Isshiki find themselves adrift on a boat from Japan that takes them straight to America.

Penniless, the two decide to compete in the Trans-America Wild Race to win the grand prize and return home.

Thus begins their nonstop journey, which will take them from Los Angeles to New York, the race route, passing through many American settings such as the Wild West in all its glory.

Excellent animations, a very entertaining and entertaining storyline, and lively, well-characterized characters.

The only problem, which is why we put it in the middle of the chart, is that the focus on the Wild West is marginal. But stille it’s a big recommendation for anime set in America.

7. Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star is based on a famous seinen manga and the anime adaptation aired in 1998.

We are in the future called the Towards Stars Era in which many star systems have been opened to space traffic. Gene Starwind and James Hawking run a small, unassuming handyman agency to make a living.

One day they are hired to protect Captain Hilda, who is piloting a spaceship, the XGP-15A II, also nicknamed Outlaw Star, in search of a legendary location that holds immense treasure.

But as usual, evil-doers, lurk in every corner ready to take advantage at any time, and this situation is no exception.

Outlaw Star is one of the best anime that, like certain names we will see higher up in this ranking, goes on to combine the Wild West with Sci-Fi themes and settings.

If you like this combination, then you can’t miss it.

6. Desert Punk

Desert Punk

Desert Punk takes place in a destroyed and post-apocalyptic setting where human beings have paid for their sins by ravaging their world.

Kanta Mizuno, better known as The Demon of the Desert, is the most famous bounty hunter in the Kanto Desert, known for his incredible skill in completing his assigned tasks no matter what the cost.

Desert Punk has a basic plot, a classic bounty hunter story, but its excellence is to be found in its spectacular setting.

A post-apocalyptic world very much in the style of Fist of the North Star mixed with excellent gunfights and well-characterized characters make this anime a little gem.

5. Coyote Ragtime

Coyote Ragtime Show

A 2006 12-episode anime consisting of a sci-fi series with action elements with mecha contamination and comic elements.

The legendary pirate king Bruce is killed by Madame Marciano, the boss of a criminal galactic guild. His bequest to his young daughter Franca is ten million space dollars, hidden inside a vault on a planet where war is raging.

So Franca will enlist the help of space pirates Mister, Kitana, and Bishop to find her inheritance before Madame Marciano appropriates it or the planet ceases to exist.

Space outlaws and a lot, really a lot of guns and gunfights. Even without the western/desertic settings, the wild west will be always with you.

Coyote Ragtime is truly a very unique and special sight that deserves to be watched even if only as an experience.

4. El Cazador de la Bruja

El Cazador de la Bruja

The story begins in Mexico on the day that Nadie, a young and extroverted bounty hunter, meets Ellis, a girl with a mysterious past with the ability to manipulate the molecules of the elements.

The plot of the story subsequently unfolds through the mysteries involving Ellis’ past, but especially the journey the two girls take together and their relationship.

Their journey will take us into the Mexican deserts, giving us a setting and wild west vibes of fine workmanship.

El Cazador de la Bruja is an interesting anime that bases its story on the very believable relationship between the 2 protagonists.

All in a folkloristic Hispanic setting, that makes it one of the best anime set in South America, with many firearms to give the Wild West vibes.

3. Gun Frontier

Gun Frontier

Another anime based on a manga by Matsumoto, which is in the same fictional universe as Captain Harlock.

This time, however, we abandon the author’s classic Sci-Fi settings and move to the real American Far West. So this time we have the real one, and not just a vibe.

The characters are still the same, and we will see the legendary Captain Harlock together with the wandering samurai Tochiro land in America in the days of the Wild West, and we will see their classic raids in a new setting.

Master Matsumoto’s style is as always gorgeous and recognizable from miles away, and his vintage style is a real treat for the eyes.

The only problem is that you have to do something first.

It has to be included in a broader vision, which includes the entire fictional universe of Captain Harlock, otherwise, you may risk missing out on important details.

2. Trigun


Trigun, one of the best Sci-fi anime ever made, follows the adventures of Vash the Stampede, also known by the dreaded title Humanoid Typhoon.

He is a wanted man throughout Gunsmoke, a fictional planet with strong Wild West vibes and atmospheres. This is because of the destruction of July City, of which he is believed to be the culprit.

Vash, however, is far from a criminal, but instead uses his keen skills to defend those in need, killing only on rare occasions and when strictly necessary.

Trigun is an excellent mix of action with a sci-fi twist, in which excellent characters fight strenuously for their ideals, Vash foremost among them.

Trigun is hands down one of the greatest cult anime ever, and when it comes to gunfights in desert settings, we can safely say it is unrivaled.

1. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Surely Cowboy Bebop doesn’t need much introduction, as we are talking about one of the best anime ever.

It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is uninhabitable and follows the story of some bounty hunters aboard a spaceship called Bebop.

This show is deep and focused on psychological elements like regret and thinking about your past. What makes it even more enjoyable is its worldbuilding, which encompasses almost all of the solar system.

The adventures of Spike Spiegel and his fellow bounty hunters will show us what we can only dream of, accompanied by a soundtrack that many consider the best ever.

This anime literally has everything. Action, comedy, psychological, deep moments, badass, and without a doubt the best anime with Wild West vibes and Sci-Fi elements.

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