The Top 15 Winter 2024 Anime To Watch [Predictions]

2024 has dawned, bringing with it a fresh wave of new and yet-to-be-explored anime.

As always, the sheer abundance of titles may leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to choose but fear not, because we’ve got you covered.

We’ve curated a list of the most intriguing anime set to debut in the first part of 2024, with choices that can saisfy every taste.

Disclaimer: Since these series are ongoing or even yet to be launched, this list is entirely based on our impressions and predictions.

But the excitement lies indeed in revisiting these titles in a few months to see if we nailed it or if we missed the mark!

15. Gushing over Magical Girls

Hiiragi Utena has always been a fan of magical girls, harboring dreams of becoming one to protect the vulnerable.

But when her dream is finally realized, her true nature quickly emerges: a sadist who loves to torment others…

Gushing Over Magical Girls… is something else. One of the funniest yuri majokko (magical girls) ever that heavily parodies the most common tropes of the genre.

If you have watched Madoka Magica and want to laugh a lot with a spicy anime, look no further.

This is a perverted anime that is actually interesting to watch (in every sense) and will make you laugh (and cringe) a lot.

14. 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

7th Time Loop is an interesting series that could appeal to fans of medieval/fantasy settings with tense drama elements.

As you read the plot, you’ll also notice similarities to Re:Zero, so if you’re a fan of that series, be sure to add 7th Time Loop to your watchlist.

The Duchess Rishe is trapped in a time loop, where each time it all starts from the cancellation of her engagement and ends in her 20s, leading to her tragic death.

Nothing seems to work to prevent this tragic ending, not even making different choices with each loop.

But one day everything seems to change when Prince Arnolt, the man who kills her each time, proposes to marry her.

Will this be the way to break this terrifying loop, or will the outcome remain the same again?

13. Dungeon Food

Dungeon Food is a series that takes inspiration from Toriko’s approach of blending clichés and mainstream elements with food.

Toriko achieved this by merging a battle shonen storyline with culinary themes, whereas Dungeon Food applies a similar concept to classic DnD-style fantasy elements.

We believe this unique fusion has the potential to be interesting, so we recommend keeping an eye on this series.

The story takes place in the Golden Kingdom, a realm subdued by a wizard. In a bid to reclaim the kingdom, the king promises vast riches to whoever can defeat the wizard, prompting numerous individuals to embark on the journey.

Among these adventurers is the protagonist Laios, but things take a drastic turn when his party, including his sister, is devoured by a dragon.

Driven by determination to save her, Laios reenters the adventure and encounters a dwarf named Senshi, who teaches him the art of monster cooking as a means of survival in this challenging quest.

12. Classroom of the Elite Season 3

Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite is a series that has successfully secured its place in the spotlight by combining a school setting, action, and supernatural elements.

This winter marks the beginning of its third season.

For those eagerly anticipating it, we have no doubt that the wait will be well rewarded.

The story picks up right where the second season left off, and at the beginning of the third quarter, Ayanokouji and his classmates, promoted from Class D to Class C, embark on a school camp.

There they will undergo rigorous training, and that’s how this third season starts.

11. A Sign of Affection

Switching genres completely, A Sign of Affection is a romance anime that, if directed well, could make a significant impact this season and potentially in the years to come, thanks to its fresh and engaging premise.

For those who enjoy heartwarming and adorable romantic tales, this is a must-watch for this winter season.

Yuki is a college student who has been deaf since birth.

A fateful encounter with Itsuomi, a boy studying at the same university, leads to love at first sight, but the boy is not familiar with sign language.

Will these two manage to understand each other and foster love despite this communication barrier?

10. The Witch and the Beast

The Witch and the Beast is the ideal pick this season for fans of dark, especially violent action series.

If you’re looking for a blend of action and horror with plenty of twists and turns, you already know what to do.

The narrative unfolds in a dark city, dominated by a witch who has enslaved its residents. Enter a man, accompanied by a girl with beast-like eyes, carrying a mysterious coffin.

It appears that they may bring an end to the prevailing injustice, but the question lingers: are these two individuals truly what they seem?

9. Bucchigiri?!

On the other hand, Bucchigiri?! is a comedy/fighting anime that, while it may not introduce anything groundbreaking to the genre, appears to be interesting and promising.

This is particularly true because Studio MAPPA, known for its impressive work, is handling the entire animated adaptation.

Time will reveal if our expectations are met, but in the meantime, we suggest giving it a watch if you enjoy fights, comedic gags, and power-ups.

The central figure is Arajin Tomoshibi, a boy who upon reuniting with his childhood best friend Matakara Asamine, becomes entangled in a battle to determine the strongest person.

Little does Arajin know that there is much more to this situation than initially meets the eye…

8. Kingdom Season 5


Kingdom has now become a staple of long, intricate and historical series, so much so that the manga is approaching 800 chapters and the anime is now in its fifth season.

Being familiar with the manga, we are confident that the series will maintain its high standard and deliver another outstanding season.

The only reason we’ve ranked it relatively low is its unfortunate lack of recognition in the West, which is unjust. We strongly encourage you, regardless of its length, to explore this fantastic work.

Several years have passed since the events unfolded, yet Xin‘s story shows no signs of concluding.

Stay tuned for another season filled with epicness, historical intrigue, and massive military battles.

7. Sengoku Youko

Sengoku Youko appears to be an incredibly intriguing series falling within the realm of supernatural anime set against the backdrop of picturesque feudal Japan.

If, like us, you are captivated by this premise, make sure not to miss it as it might just have a surprise in store for us.

The main characters are Yoko Tama and her younger half-brother Jinka Yamato, both demons on a journey across the country to stop those who commit evil deeds, accompanied by Hyoudou Shinsuke.

But little do they know that their group will soon become entangled in an unexpected plot…

6. The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

As we’re used to, the winter of 2024 will bring the release of numerous isekai anime, ready to transport us into adventures in alternate worlds.

And among the various titles in this genre set to debut, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic has caught our attention as the most surprising and intriguing.

This is due to its interesting premise, featuring a healer as the protagonist, a rarity in the genre (no, Redo of a Healer doesn’t count) so who knows if this series might turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

On a day of heavy rain Ken, an ordinary student, is unexpectedly summoned to another world alongside two individuals he had just met earlier that day.

Anticipating another boring existence in this new realm, Ken is surprised to discover that he possesses incredible hidden abilities!

5. Blue Exorcist Season 3

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist is widely recognized among fans of fighting anime with supernatural and esoteric themes balanced by comedic and light moments and in our view, it might still be slightly underrated and deserves a bit more attention.

Fans had started to lose hope for a new season, considering the last one was released in 2017, but Studio VOLN has decided to pleasantly surprise us.

If you haven’t watched it yet now is undoubtedly the best time to do so.

After a seven-year hiatus, Rin’s adventures make a comeback with the start of the Shimane Illuminati Saga, so brace yourself for new adventures and unexpected twists.

So if you haven’t delved into the story of this fantastic action/supernatural anime, now is the perfect time to start!

4. Mashle Season 2

Mashle was one of the most delightful surprises of last year, featuring a fresh and engaging story that cleverly combines Japanese animation with elements reminiscent of Harry Potter.

In fact, we’ve included it in our list of the best anime of 2023.

Fortunately, A1-Pictures has decided to bring us the second season as early as the beginning of 2024, and we are confident it will maintain its greatness.

The story resumes right where it left off in season 1, with Mash now entering Easton Academy of Magic.

How will his adventure continue from here?

3. The Dangers in My Heart Season 2

The Dangers in My Heart is an intriguing romance anime that made its debut in 2023, earning a spot on some lists of ours, like one of the best romance anime where a popular girl falls for the protagonist.

So fans of romantic anime, mark your calendars!

In early 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to watch Season 2 of this cute and well-written series with excellent animation, so don’t miss out if you’re a fan of it or you want to start it.

The story picks up where the first season left off, with the relationship between Kyoutarou and Anna starting and evolving.

How will their story progress from here?

The 1st season was quite interesting and had good success because the couple is cute and it’s a wholesome romance anime.

2. Metalic Rouge

Metalic Rouge is undeniably one of the most anticipated and promising anime, not only for winter 2024 but for the entire year.

The blend of Sci-Fi, mecha, dark settings, and action appears incredibly interesting, and the animation quality seems top-notch.

It’s an original work so we don’t know if the story will be as interesting, there’s always the chance of potential disappointment, but our confidence in its potential remains high.

The protagonist is Rouge, an android girl living in a world where humans and androids coexist.

She is assigned a mission to Mars, where, aided by Naomi, she must eliminate nine artificial humans posing a threat to the government.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling stands as one of the most popular and successful manhwa of all time, and fans have eagerly awaited an animated adaptation for years.

The moment has finally arrived and yes, we are just as pumped as you are.

Let’s hope that A1-Pictures delivers a top-notch adaptation, as there is potential for this to become a future hit.

The Gate is a mysterious portal connecting the human world to a realm of monsters that pose a threat to humans.

Hunters are tasked with combating these monsters, and among them is Shun Mizushino, one of the weakest. Despite enduring constant teasing, he persists in this work to cover his sick mother’s medical expenses.

But one day, following an inexplicable event, Shun develops mysterious powers that will turn the tables and make him one of the strongest hunters alive.

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