The 20 Fantasy Anime You Can’t Miss On Hulu

Let’s face it: fantasy is a genre that’s hard to dislike.

The excitement of witnessing dragons soaring through the skies, wizards engaged in battles, and various superpowers on display is always captivating.

In this regard, Hulu doesn’t disappoint, as its catalog is full of incredible fantasy anime, some even among the best ever released.

That’s precisely why today we’re going to explore the best fantasy anime available on Hulu, all of which are perfect additions to your watchlist.

20. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom is a recently released isekai anime, spanning from 2021 to 2022, with 26 episodes.

Kazuya Souma is summoned to another world as its hero, But his adventure begins in a rather unusual manner. After presenting his wise plan to strengthen the country’s economy and military, the king unexpectedly abdicates the throne to him, placing Souma in a challenging position.

This is because the country is currently engaged in a war with neighboring states, making the situation far from easy. Adding to the complications, Liscia, the daughter of the previous king and now Souma’s consort, appears to harbor a deep dislike for him.

With the assistance of 5 generals and his knowledge of the modern world, Souma must now rescue the kingdom for which he has become responsible.

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom is a good isekai series that slightly differs from the norm by focusing more on its politics and world-building than on action or the classic themes of the genre.

So if you are subscribed to Hulu we highly recommend giving it a chance.

19. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? (DanMachi)

DanMachi is a popular isekai anime with an adaptation that started in 2015 in multiple seasons that you can currently find on Hulu.

The dungeon is a mysterious place in the city of Orario, which conceals as many riches as dangers. Therefore, adventurers can join families, groups of people guided by deities to reduce dangers, to make the exploration easier.

But our protagonist, Bell Craner, has quite different plans. He is the only member of Hestia’s family, and his goal is not riches or adventure, but to conquer the beautiful Aiz Wallenstein.

DanMachi is an entertaining isekai that bases its structure on comedy and ecchi scenes, with sporadic action moments.

It still manages to entertain thanks to a good cast of characters, well characterized and entertaining, and a good setting set entirely in a dungeon.

18. Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma is an action anime with magical and ecchi elements released in 2007 in 24 episodes that passed quietly, although it’s not that bad.

Four years before the story began, Kazuma Kannagi was defeated by his cousin Ayano in a duel to decide the successor to Enraiha, the sacred sword passed down from generation to generation within their clan.

This was because of his ability to control Enjutsu, the art of controlling fire, a specialty of the Kannagi, and he ended up being kicked out of the family.

After four years he returned to Japan, now master of Fuujustu, the art of controlling the wind, with a new name and a new personality: Kazuma Yagami, a quiet and lonely guy. A dense web of mysteries is about to begin.

Kaze no Stigma is a fighting anime that manages to present a fairly innovative plot in its premise, but unfortunately ends up becoming quite banal as the story continues.

It’s still worth a watch if you have Hulu and you’re looking for some simple fun, though.

17. Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is undeniably one of the most popular and highly regarded isekai anime of recent years, with a recently released second season.

Naofumi is a regular Japanese guy who loves reading fantasy books and light novels. One day, he comes across a mysterious white-page book at the library, which takes him to a fantasy world.

He soon finds out that he’s one of four heroes chosen to save the world and he’s the Shield Hero, the weakest and most discriminated against. But, he’s determined to rise up and become a strong and respected hero. Here starts his rise.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is undoubtedly an outstanding isekai anime, setting itself apart from the vast array of anime within the genre that are constantly being released.

It distinguishes itself by placing a greater emphasis on the psychological development of its characters, rather than merely relying on action or the typical fantasy worlds to rescue.

And the best part is that you can stream it on Hulu. So if you happen to be one of the few isekai fans who haven’t watched it yet, there’s no more time to lose.

16. D.Gray-man

D.Gray Man

D.Gray-Man is one of the works serialized in the legendary Weekly Shonen Jump magazine but certainly not one of the best known even though it has much to offer.

The Millennium Count is an evil entity that aspires to destroy the world using Akuma, biomechanical weapons consisting of a core placed inside a human body and powered by the souls of the dead.

To defeat him, the protagonist named Allen Walker, in possession of an anti-Akuma weapon in place of his left arm, joins the Dark Order as an exorcist.

Its setting in 16th-century England mixed with fantasy and science-fiction elements is ideal if you want to watch something like this on Hulu.

D.Gray-Man also offers a good dose of action and a decidedly interesting character design. All ingredients that make this anime a balanced and enjoyable experience.

15. Claymore


Claymore is a 26-episode anime set in a dark medieval fantasy-themed world where the inhabitants are forced to fight the threat of monstrous creatures that feed on humans.

Fighting these creatures, called Yomi, are the Claymores, warriors with enormous power who can counter the terrible monsters with their swords.

The protagonist of the story is Claire, a low-level claymore who will increase her fighting power over time as she discovers the deceptions behind the Yomi and the society in which she lives.

Claymore is a great anime based on an equally fantastic manga that we indeed recommend checking out after you finish the anime for more.

It’s a dark fantasy story with lots of twists, intense parts, and characters that change a lot as the story goes on, all along with gore scenes that perfectly fit in the context.

14. Snow White with Red Hair

Snow white with Red hair

Snow White with the Red Hair is an amazing fantasy romance adapted from a shojo manga available on Hulu that truly deserves much more recognition than it currently receives.

If you ask our opinion this is a fantastic romance that stands out in this genre. The story is adorable, well written, far from being clichéd, and it takes place in a stunning fantasy world filled with vibrant colors and various types of creatures.

The story follows Shirayuki, a young herbalist living a peaceful life in the kingdom of Tambarun. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Prince Raji forces her into an unwanted arranged marriage. Determined to escape this fate, Shirayuki flees.

During her escape, she encounters Prince Zen, who welcomes her into his court as an herbalist and offers his assistance in resolving her predicament.

And as they spend more time together, a heartwarming love story unfolds between them.

13. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro is the eldest son of a large family orphaned by his father, who leaves his home in the mountains every day to travel to the city to sell coal.

Upon returning home one evening, he discovers that his entire family has been mauled by a group of wild demons and that his beloved little sister Nezuko has herself become a demon.

Determined to find a cure that can return his sister to normal, Tanjiro will undergo grueling training to become a demon hunter, hoping to shed light on this horrible mystery.

A determined warrior driven by dispassionate love for his sister, a constant struggle for survival, and choreographed pyrotechnic confrontations.

This is the formula for a journey among the most sincere on the scene, surrounded by breathtaking animation, a fantastic soundtrack and cool fighting scene.

So this anime may not be a masterpiece like many say, but is for sure a solid pick if you own a Hulu subscription.

12. Bleach


Certainly, no great introductions are needed for Bleach, the most famous work by Tite Kubo that has earned the title of one of the Big Three of shonen manga.

Indeed we are unceremoniously talking about one of the most important battle shonen anime ever, so you’re quite lucky to have it available in Hulu.

The protagonist is Ichigo, a boy like any other with all the classic characteristics of a protagonist in the genre. Generous, physically strong, and kind.

What sets him apart is his ability to be able to see spirits, reasoning that one evening like any other he will see Rukia, a Shinigami, grappling with a Hollow.

Bleach is a series that is worth watching or reading for its breathtaking fights, a great cast of characters, and especially for its villain, Aizen, regarded as one of the best villains ever.

11. The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas is a 2021 anime set in an alternate 19th-century Steampunk Paris, where technology has evolved differently.

Noah, the protagonist, is a vampire who is called to investigate strange attacks by humans who have become feral. The key to solving the problem lies with a doctor and the enigmatic Book of Vanitas.

This series is made by the same author of Pandora Hearts, and its anime adaptation is quite good compared to Pandora’s.

With excellent animation, an excellent cast, a well-developed plot, and also a great romance subplot, this series is also one of the best vampire anime on Hulu.

10. Noragami


Noragami is a popular anime that merges action, comedy, and supernatural elements across two seasons by far, but you can only find the first one on Hulu right now.

The story follows the unusual duo of Yato, a minor deity, and Hiyori, an ordinary schoolgirl.

One day, Hiyori saves Yato from a car accident and takes the hit instead of him, causing her soul to become unstable and unable to return to her body.

Yato then sets out to save her by giving her body back, but a deep web of events is about to begin…

Noragami is a great choice if you’re into action anime with humor, set in a supernatural world filled with a lot of spirits, gods and demons.

All of this, with a touch of romance, makes this series simply an excellent choice on this list.

9. Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn is a 2014 anime consisting of 24 episodes that deserves far more recognition, adapted from a well-regarded shojo manga.

This anime tells the inspiring story of a perfect female protagonist who transforms from a weak princess into a formidable leader throughout the story.

All of this comes with a lot of political intrigues, romantic moments, and a fantastic ancient Korea setting infused with fantasy elements, making the entire experience nothing short of magical.

So yep, if you’re subscribed to Hulu, you know what you can watch tonight.

The story revolves around Princess Yona, who is betrayed and forced to flee her kingdom. Determined to reclaim her rightful place as ruler, she embarks on a journey filled with adventure and self-discovery.

Throughout the series, you’ll witness Yona’s transformation from a pampered princess to a skilled fighter, guided by her loyal bodyguard and love interest, Hak.

8. Inuyasha


Inuyasha is an iconic anime based on the manga by the legendary Rumiko Takahashi, the legendary Queen of Manga, adapted in 167 episodes by Sunrise and currently fully available on Hulu.

The story follows Kagome, an ordinary eighth-grade student who unexpectedly falls down a well in her home’s garden and is transported 500 years into the past, to the Sengoku era.

In this era, Kagome discovers that she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a powerful priestess who had the responsibility of protecting the Shikon Jewel, a dangerous object coveted by villains.

Teaming up with Inuyasha, a half-demon with canine-like traits, Kagome embarks on a journey to safeguard the sacred jewel from falling into the wrong hands.

Inuyasha is one of the best examples, if not the best, of how to masterfully combine a fantastic action, a fantasy storyline and a stunning feudal Japan setting with a remarkably well-crafted romance.

This series is a modern classic that is steadily gaining recognition as a cult favorite, much like many of Rumiko Takahashi’s other works.

If you’re reading this list and haven’t watched it yet be sure to add it to your watchlist as soon as possible.

7. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate is undoubtedly one of the most popular franchises in recent years, sharing a thrilling survival game anime storyline with some great action and romance subplots.

The narrative centers around Shirou Emiya, an ordinary student who becomes entangled in the Holy Grail War, a conflict that revolves around obtaining an artifact capable of granting any wish.

Each participant is partnered with a Servant, a spirit embodying a legendary hero from history, and they engage in battles to claim victory.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works boasts breathtaking animations, excellent action scenes, and multiple romance subplots that perfectly complement the plot’s pacing.

But it’s essential to acknowledge that it is just the initial part of a giant narrative universe. So, if you’re intrigued, we highly recommend searching for a guide and immersing yourself in this great work.

P.S. You can also find Fate/Zero on Hulu, which is the prequel to Stay Night.

6. Mushi-shi


Mushishi is a 2005 anime released in 26 episodes that we consider to be one of the best innovative ever, so trust us when we say that you’re quite lucky to have it on Hulu.

It follows the story of Ginko, a serious and composed character who is a Mushishi.

Mushishi are experts in dealing with Mushis, mysterious creatures with unknown origins and habits. Coexistence with these creatures is often complicated for humans, hence the need for specialists.

Each episode of Mushishi explores a different mushi, which are heavily inspired by Yokai, presenting self-contained stories told in a slow, reflective, and artistic manner, like a hypnotic atmosphere.

This is not an anime for everyone, if you want pure entertainment and something action-oriented, skip it altogether. But if you are up to new experiences, then this anime is the right fit.

And this anime is unique and special even in terms of sad themes, as it’s not a series that we would strictly call sad.

Instead, it carries a sense of melancholy due to its atmosphere, which will immerse you further in watching it and convey a unique feeling.

But trust that it is harder to explain it in words than to understand it by watching it, so we recommend that you find out what we are talking about by experiencing it with your own eyes.

5. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei is undoubtedly one of the best isekai in recent years, and we highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already. The series began in 2021 and recently concluded an excellent second season, and you can find both on Hulu.

The story revolves around a nameless, unemployed 34-year-old Japanese man who is evicted from his apartment and becomes disillusioned with his life.

But his life takes a dramatic turn when he saves a group of high school students from an accident but ends up losing his own life in the process.

But what initially appears to be the end for him turns out to be a new beginning as he is reincarnated in a new world with the opportunity to start a new life in his conditions.

Mushoku Tensei is a fantastic isekai anime that should not be missed under any circumstances, whether you are an isekai fan or not.

And one of its greatest merits lies in the fact that it delivers a comprehensive and well-rounded story.

In its episodes, you can expect to find a mix of action, impressive world-building, intricate political conflicts, humor, and exceptionally well-developed characters that undergo significant growth throughout the series.

4. Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf is a truly unique work, almost difficult to pigeonhole into a single category.

This is because the anime, based on Isuna Hasekura’s novels, does not adhere to the canons of the genre despite its vague fantasy world-building features.

This is given the absence of magic and the struggle between good and evil and relying more on economics and trade.

So if you’re subscribed to Hulu and want to understand what we’re talking about, you must add this series to your watchlist.

The story revolves around the events of merchant Lawrence Kraft who agrees under request to help return to his native place a wolf-god called Holo, receiving in return his divine help and several privileges.

But feelings always blossom, and we will see a good romance between the 2.

Spice and Wolf is something we recommend you watch not only because it’s a good romance, but because of its uniqueness.

3. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing: Ultimate was released in 2006 and was made as an adaptation that was more faithful to the original manga written by Kota Hirano compared to the 2001 version.

The name of the series comes from the homonym secret organization Hellsing, whose duty is to hide the existence of Vampires and to keep the population safe.

The main character Alucard works for Hellsing as a vampire exterminator, being himself a member of the vampire race. He is supported by his new assistant Seras Victoria, a former policewoman who he saved in the past.

But a deep web of mysteries will soon arise.

If you want a series on Hulu with action, gore, and lots of monsters and vampires, then Hellsing Ultimate is hard to beat. We also featured it as one of the best gory anime on Hulu and for valid reasons, as you have just read.

And this applies to all of Kota Hirano’s work, which you should check out if you like intense visual scenes.

2. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

As a 2011 anime produced by Shaft and Aniplex, Puella Magi Madoka Magika is a masterpiece that brought freshness into the classic Majokko and is one of the most innovative anime currently on Hulu.

That’s because even though the first scenes make it look like a normal fantasy anime, you will soon realize that’s only appearance.

The slice-of-life setting and the cute characters won’t last long, and soon the story will take a dark and drama-filled turn.

Madoka will understand that she isn’t living in a fairy tale and that terrible sacrifices are necessary to fight the terrible Witches.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is the kind of anime that will catch you off guard from Episode 3. Trust us when we say this series is incredibly unique and full of unexpected plot twists that uncover deeper philosophical considerations.

And as you can well imagine this also extends to the sad and tragic moments, with a continuous escalation of moments that will make your heart clench until the very finale.

1. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

This is an absolute masterpiece and one of the best anime of all time, so if you’re among the very few who haven’t watched it, please do yourself a favor and watch it literally tonight on Hulu

Based on the manga written in 2001 by Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the animated series that most faithfully deals with the plot told in the original work.

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who live in a world where alchemy reigns and is used for a variety of purposes, whether in war, medicine, or even related to everyday life.

The two brothers have a specific purpose, which is to regain their lost bodies.

When they were young they tried to bring their late mother back to life using alchemy, and it went wrong, since as powerful as this magic is, it cannot go against the laws of nature.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is considered a masterpiece precisely because of its incredibly complete story, and we can’t agree more.

All in the same anime you will find some excellent fighting scenes, perfectly written characters, psychological/drama moments, and even a lot of political intrigues in its setting, plot and lore.

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