The 10 Best Vampire Anime On Hulu [Recommended]

Everybody likes Hulu now, and everybody likes vampires, right?

The two can indeed coexist since the platform has a huge catalog, featuring some of real gems.

We’ve collected them here for your convenience so be ready to find out what are the best vampire anime on Hulu.

As always this listicle is purely based on our opinions and knowledge.

10. Devils’ Line

Devils' Line

Devils’ Line is an anime based on a seinen manga released in 2018 with only 12 episodes.

It tells the story of Tsukasa, an ordinary college student who lives in a world like ours but in the shadows populated by vampires.

No one can tell them apart since they look like normal people on the surface, and they don’t need to drink human blood, but they have the peculiarity that when they get angry, they become uncontrollable monsters.

Tsukasa one day is attacked by one of these out-of-control vampires and is saved by Anzai, a half-vampire. From here the two will develop an increasingly close and complex relationship.

Horror, vampires, action, and romance are all in the same anime, perfect for making a vampire-themed show with some additions that don’t quite belong to the genre.

Also of note are the all-around good animations and settings that this anime has.

9. Blood Lad

Blood Lad

If you want an alternative take on the mythical vampire figure, this anime is for you. Blood Lad follows the story of Staz, a strong vampire that couldn’t care less about sucking blood and being evil.

The main character is interested in playing videogames and reading manga all day long. Staz is no different from the average high schooler until he will be dragged into a spiky situation.

Fuyumi Yanagi, a Japanese girl, will accidentally visit the demon world, home to Staz. In the meanwhile, the demon world is attacked and Fuyumi dies by accident.

Staz promises to resurrect her and visits the human world to find a solution.

Blood Lad is a comedy anime with a few action elements, perfect if you want to watch a vampire-themed story but totally different from the usual and out of the box.

A change of scenery every once in a while is good for you, and this is the best option to start doing so.

8. Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire follows the story of Tsukune Aono, an ordinary boy who, because of his bad grades, sees every one of his high school applications rejected.

This is with the exception of Youkai School, where he is unexpectedly accepted without any problems.

The school turns out to be a den of vampires, angels, and other mystical creatures.

Tsukune has to fend for himself while attending school and soon discovers that the girls are not as scary as he thought.

This is especially so for the beautiful vampire Moka Ashina, who seems to accrue a great deal of interest in him.

Rosario to Vampire is full of light comic moments. If you want to watch a school and a slice-of-life anime mixed with romance, ecchi, and harem, then this is the perfect vampire anime.

7. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight is an anime based on a shojo manga, as is recognizable from the character design.

The story is set in an unusual school, divided into 2 sections: the Day Class and the Night Class. The former is attended by ordinary human students, while the latter is attended by vampires.

But this isn’t public knowledge, and indeed this secret must be kept hidden in every way, for the preservation of the 2 species.

For this, there are guardians, 2 students charged with maintaining the balance between both classes, and they happen to be the main characters, Yuuki and Zero.

Vampire Knight is an anime that blends the classic vampire anime elements with more romance and comedy. You won’t miss the typical horror atmosphere and a lot of action, but at the same time, expect some lighthearted scenes.

6. Blood Blockade Battlefront

Kekkai Sensen

Also known as Kekkai Sensen in Japan, Blood Blockade Battlefront is a fairly well-known Sci-Fi and supernatural anime, especially for its excellent visual compartment.

The story is set in the city of Hellsalem’s Lot, which stands on the ruins of New York City, destroyed by the collision of our world and the monster-populated world of Beyond.

In fact, three years before the events began, a portal from another world opened on earth, thus causing all kinds of creatures, including vampires and zombies to attack our world.

It’s up to the secret society Libra, composed of superhumans, to solve the problem.

A good action and fight-focused anime to watch without commitment given its average length of 24 episodes.

5. Blood-C


Blood-C is a good anime that goes for a good mix of action and horror, with some very dark, mood-setting environment.

The plot follows the adventures of Saya Kisaragi, who lives a split life being a regular schoolgirl during the day and a monster slayer equipped with a sword at night with the task of kill these entities.

Her main target are terrifying blood-feeding vampire-like creatures called Elder Bairns, so this show is ideal if you like some gruesome action.

But beyond that, Saya is haunted by visions of her past of which she has no memory.

It has a good dark atmosphere with tons of tension and a nice rhythm if you want violence. While we don’t know if this show will be removed from Hulu, we still recommend it for the time being.

4. Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End is set in a world where a mysterious virus kills every human above the age of 13. As a consequence, mankind is enslaved by a vampire race that promise to protect the survivors in exchange for blood.

But contrary to how it may seem this is anything but good, but rather is a true realm of terror and oppression.

Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya are two orphans who get sick of living under the vampire’s reign of terror so the two of them try to escape the orphanage but Mikaela ends up dying in the process.

Yuuichirou is found many years later, now a Japanese Imperial Demon Army member determined to take revenge on the creatures that slaughtered his family.

This time we go away from the classic horror atmosphere despite the presence of vampires, going instead to embrace a story of revolt against the system.

It’s not the classic vampire story, the reason why we included it lies is that we find it enjoyable. The plot per se ends up being somewhat already seen but unless you have high expectations, Seraph of the End is fine.

3. The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas

The story is set in an alternate 19th-century Steampunk Paris, where technology has taken a different path. We recommend it to all those anime fans who love anime set in France.

The protagonist Noah is a vampire called upon to investigate mysterious attacks by his fellow humans. Despite being fully integrated into society have for some time now begun to carry out random assaults caught up in a kind of feral state.

The key to stopping them seems to be possessed by a doctor and it is the mysterious Book of Vanitas.

This series is from the same author as Pandora Hearts, with the difference that this anime adaptation is quite good compared to Pandora’s.

This is one of the best productions available on Hulu, thanks to its excellent animation, cast, plot and a solid romance with vampires.

2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Phantom Blood & Battle Tendency)

JoJo Part 1

The first 2 series of the famous JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure feature vampires as prominent characters.

The antagonist of Phantom Blood, Dio Brando, manages to transform into a vampire and uses his power to fight against Jonathan Joestar, the protagonist.

The power used by the main character is Hamon, that can be compared to the energy of living beings and able to tame the undead.

Battle Tendency, the second arc, continues this trend with a new cast that will fight vampires too. Even though it’s not a core element of JoJo, we consider those arcs to be good enough to earn a place among the best vampire anime.

Although just these 2 parts deal with these creatures, it’s worth noting that JoJo is a real cult and should be watched anyway.

This theme was abandoned with Part 3 as we see the introduction of Stands, manifestations of the spirit of a person.

JoJo is and always will be one of the best supernatural anime that focues on fighting elements, and nowadays everyone should at least try to watch it.

1. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Once again, Hellsing Ultimate is one of our best choices and the best vampire anime on Hulu.

The name of the series comes from the homonym secret organization Hellsing, whose duty is to hide the existence of Vampires and to keep the population safe.

It’s financed and supported by the British government and its current leader is Integra Hellsing.

The main character Alucard works for Hellsing as a vampire exterminator, being himself a member of the vampire race. He is supported by his new assistant Seras Victoria, a former policewoman that he saved in the past.

Integra is worried about a new wave of vampire attacks and the problem seems much bigger than she expected.

The mysterious group called Millenium is plotting to throw England into disarray, and maybe threaten even the entire world.

Hellsing Ultimate is an anime recognized as a hidden gem. And this is certainly because of its excellent action, its gorgeous and recognizable settings, and an excess of gore that just works, making it one of the best horror anime on Hulu.

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