The Top 7 Alternative Isekai Anime With An Anti-Hero MC

Anti-heroes have always been well-liked characters that stand out from the typical, good, and dedicated hero.

They are often portrayed as tough, fearless characters who aren’t afraid to resort to violence or act selfishly to reach their goals.

But despite this, they end up saving the world in the end in some cool way.

There are many stories featuring anti-hero protagonists, including some in the Isekai genre, so here’s a list of the best isekai anime with an anti-hero main character for those who appreciate a more rude hero.

Note that this list is based on personal opinions and experiences.

7. How Not To Summon a Demon Lord – Diablo

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord is a popular isekai anime with a non human MC that combines comedy and ecchi elements.

The protagonist, Takuma Sakamoto, is a skilled player of the MMORPG Cross Reverie, known as the King of Demons Diablo.

One day he is transported to a different world, where two girls try to enslave him through magic, but he turns the tables by using reflex magic, becoming the master of the girls in turn in the conquest of that world.

Although Takuma isn’t the best MC out there, he is an anti-hero in his own right. He doesn’t back up at all when it’s time to do immoral acts for his personal sake.

This series isn’t groundbreaking, but it offers a fun and easygoing isekai experience with ecchi and harem elements.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted and entertaining isekai, you may enjoy it, but lower your expectations.

6. Arifureta – From Commonplace to World’s Strongest – Nagumo Hajime


Arifureta is a 2019 anime with 13 engaging episodes that will keep you entertained.

A group of high school students are transported to a parallel world where they are expected to be heroes and save it from destruction. But while all the students have exceptional skills, Nagumo Hajime is the exception, as he is weak and has low stats.

After being betrayed and abandoned into a seemingly bottomless abyss, Nagumo meets a blonde vampire and things start to change.

Nagumo is one of those anti-heroes who become such after being discriminated and mistreated. You’ll see him transform into a selfish individual who only cares about what matters to him, and you can’t blame him.

Arifureta is a unique take on the isekai genre as it focuses on psychology and romance instead of the usual fighting and saving the kingdom.

The series takes a different and interesting turn from the start and is worth checking out if you want to see something different in the genre and an isekai anime with guns as weapons.

5. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat – Lugh Tuatha Dé

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is a 12-episode show released in 2021, and one of the best isekai anime with a royal MC in our opinion.

The world’s most legendary assassin, Lugh Tuatha Dé, meets his end after being betrayed. A goddess from another world offers him resurrection, but with a catch.

The condition is to kill the hero of that world.

This anime is unique in that it presents the classic isekai story from the perspective of the villain, making for an interesting twist on the genre.

We recommend giving it a chance if you’re looking for something a bit different with some cool action scenes, as we consider it as one of the most underrated isekai anime of recent years.

4. Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious – Seiya Ryuguin

Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious is a 2019 isekai anime with a long name released in 12 episodes.

The story follows Seiya Ryuguin, a hero summoned by the Goddess Rista to save her world from certain doom.

Despite Seiya’s immense strength, he is overly cautious in his approach to battles and tends to be ruthless with his enemies, even the weakest ones.

This causes problems not only for his enemies but also for innocent people who get caught in his devastating attacks.

This anime balances its elements well, such as comedic scenes, action, drama, and a unique and merciless anti-hero protagonist.

While it may not be a masterpiece, it’s for sure an enjoyable take on the isekai genre.

3. Overlord – Momonga


Overlord is one of the best isekai in recent years, bringing a fresh take on the genre with a cool dark-fantasy setting, and is one of the best isekai with experience level too.

Momonga is the strongest player in Yggdrasil, an online MMORPG that’s about to shut down its servers.

Momonga decides to log in one last time before saying goodbye to the game, but he’s surprised to find himself trapped in the game world as his non-human character.

But the protagonist remains unfazed and sets his sights on becoming the ultimate ruler of the world.

Overlord’s premise may not seem super original, but it’s still worth watching thanks to its OP and villainous protagonist.

Indeed, we aren’t dealing with the classic weak and generous Isekai protagonist but one of the best anti-hero MC ever.

2. The Rising of the Shield Hero – Naofumi Iwatani

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a super successful isekai that’s won viewers’ hearts with its captivating story.

It’s based on a light novel of the same name and there are 25 episodes so far, with a second season recently released.

Naofumi is a regular Japanese guy who loves reading fantasy books and light novels. One day, he comes across a mysterious white-page book at the library, which takes him to a fantasy world.

He soon finds out that he’s one of four heroes chosen to save the world and he’s the Shield Hero, the weakest and most discriminated against. But, he’s determined to rise up and become a strong and respected hero. Here starts his rise.

Naofumi isn’t a typical anti-hero all the way through the story. At first, he’s mistreated and discriminated against, but as the story progresses and he meets the right people, he begins to gain acceptance and eventually becomes a true hero.

But that’s exactly what makes him an interesting character with excellent development, in one of the best isekai anime with an overpowered MC you can find.

1. No Game No Life – Sora and Shiro

No Game no Life

No Game No Life is a popular isekai anime that was released in 2014. Its great success can be attributed to its focus on exciting games, which drive the pace of each episode, as well as its charismatic characters.

The story follows Sora and Shiro, two hikikomori brothers who spend their days playing videogames. They are so skilled that they’ve become urban legends, scaring anyone who happens to end up in the same online lobby as them.

One day, they receive an invitation from God himself to enter the world of Disboard, an alternative world based on various types of games.

Sora and Shiro begin a new life in this world, using their incredible abilities to defeat every opponent they come across.

This beloved isekai is a must-watch for all fans of games, whether traditional or involving gambling.

Sora and Shiro are not your typical noble and chivalrous protagonists. They have no problem using their abilities for selfish reasons or belittling others with their skills, and that makes them some cool anti-heroes.

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