The 10 Funniest Comedy Anime On Hulu To Laugh A Lot

Are you a Hulu subscriber looking for some hearty laughs? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, we’ve curated a list of the best comedy anime available on Hulu. And rest assured, there’s something to suit every taste.

Our selection includes pure comedies, romcoms, and even series that blend humor with fantasy or Sci-Fi elements, so we’re confident that you’ll find something that tickles your funny bone.

10. BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.

BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense.

BOFURI is a 2020 isekai that while starting from basic premises manages to differentiate itself from other anime in its genre.

Kaede Honjou, who’s new to online MMORPGs, joins the latest released MMORPG game, invited by her friends.

As a beginner, Kaede chooses a large shield as her weapon and levels it up, to avoid being hurt while fighting monsters and exploring dungeons.

But to everyone’s surprise, the tactic proves to be incredibly effective, and she quickly becomes incredibly op and a legend in the server!

BOFURI is, without beating around the bush, a series that can be regarded as a parody of the classic and nowadays repetitive isekai anime that features the typical swordsman hero as the main character.

So if you’re searching for this type of experience in Hulu’s catalog, give it a chance because you won’t regret it.

9. My Love Story!!

Ore Monogatari!!

My Love Story!!! is a romance anime based on a popular shojo manga that was released from 2015.

The story follows the adventures of Takeo Goda, a 2-meter-tall, muscular student who doesn’t have much luck with girls. Every girl he likes ends up falling in love with his far more attractive best friend Makoto Sunakawa.

But one day Takeo rescues a girl named Rinko Yamato from an attacker on a train, and so the 2 unexpectedly fall in love at the first sight.

The original manga had good success in the East, even placing as the best manga for girls for multiple years.

And that’s certainly because of its super wholesome romance, its cute and funny moments and the presence of an unusual couple to say the least.

Takeo and Rinko are all but the average dream couple you get to see in Japanese animation with 2 handsome guys, but that’s exactly why it works so damn well.

If you’re seeking a romance anime that’s a departure from the usual fare, it’s highly likely that you’ll adore this series on Hulu.

8. School Rumble

School Rumble

School Rumble is one of the best romance anime of the 2000s, released in 2004 in 26 episodes that you can easily find on Hulu right now.

Tenma is a high school student in love with her mysterious classmate Karashima. But Tenma doesn’t realize that Harima, another classmate of hers with a thuggish past, has feelings for her.

The story follows their peculiar love triangle, full of plot twists and absurd moments.

School Rumble may sound like a classic romcom with a love triangle at the center of its events, but that is not quite the case.

The love triangle is indeed there, but what sets this series apart is its over-the-top and absurd comedy, with a continuous succession of fast-paced gags.

And if you are also a fan of the typical 2000s atmosphere, then you have hit the jackpot.

7. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom is a super popular series based on a manga by Yusei Matsui, believed by many to be one of the best shonen of 2010s.

The series revolves around the 3-E class of Kunugigaoka Middle School, assigned with the unique task of assassinating their teacher, Koro-Sensei.

Koro-Sensei is a unique creature, resembling a hybrid between an alien and a bright yellow octopus.

And what occurs if the students don’t succeed in eliminating their teacher by the end of the year? Well, quite simply, Earth will be annihilated!

Assassination Classroom, alongside One Punch Man, another anime on this list, is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a combination of comedy and action in a single anime.

It’s also set in a school environment and follows a slice-of-life structure, making it very appealing for a Hulu night.

6. Space Dandy

Space Dandy

After enchanting us with his masterpiece Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe returned in 2014 with a new series called Space Dandy. This series comprises 26 episodes and is brought to life by the animation studio Bones.

The plot isn’t linear. It unfolds in a future where humanity has expanded to the farthest reaches of the universe.

The main character, Dandy, is an alien bounty hunter who proudly claims to be the very embodiment of cosmic dandyism.

The anime is composed of a series of self-contained episodes, and there’s an apparent narrative discontinuity between them.

So it’ll not be unusual to even witness a character die only to find them entirely intact in the following episode, all for comedy purposes.

Space Dandy is hands down one of the best choices if you want to combine comedy and Sci-Fi, and not just on Hulu, but in general.

So if you haven’t watched this animation gem yet, don’t wait any longer.

5. The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is an excellent isekai anime that we consider one of the genre’s most innovative and unique shows. We highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already, so you’ll be happy to know that you can find it on Hulu.

The story follows the demon king, who is on the brink of conquering his world when he mysteriously gets transported to Tokyo, and instead of giving up, he decides to conquer this new world as well.

But in the meantime, he needs to adapt to society and make money, so he starts working part-time at a fast-food restaurant.

But his troubles and dangers are far from over, as Emi Yusa, the hero from his old world, follows him to Earth with the intention of defeating him.

But who knows if being in a new environment might lead to unexpected changes between them and who knows, even a tender love story.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is a fantastic isekai anime that offers a unique and refreshing plot, filled with comedy and surprising twists and turns.

So if you are looking for a fresh and innovative isekai and are also a Hulu subscription holder, you know what to do tonight.

4. No Game No Life

No Game no Life

No Game No Life is a popular isekai anime that was released in 2014. Its great success can be attributed to its focus on exciting games, which drive the pace of each episode, as well as its excellent comedy.

The story follows Sora and Shiro, two hikikomori brothers who spend their days playing videogames. They are so skilled that they’ve become urban legends, scaring anyone who happens to end up in the same online lobby as them.

One day, they receive an invitation from God himself to enter the world of Disboard, an alternative world based on various types of games.

Sora and Shiro begin a new life in this world, using their incredible abilities to defeat every opponent they come across.

No Game No Life is a great choice if you are looking for something that combines isekai, comedy, ecchi scenes, and quite a few twists and turns during the games the protagonists will undergo, to round it all out.

You’ll also find plenty of references to pop culture anime in it, so if you’re subscribed to Hulu and haven’t watched it yet, why not give it a chance?

3. Maid Sama!

Maid Sama

Maid Sama! is a fantastic romantic anime adapted from a shojo manga that managed to attract its own dedicated audience, and rightfully so.

Misaki Ayuzawa holds the distinction of being the first female student council president at her school, dedicated to safeguarding girls from the advances of boys.

But at the same time she harbors a secret: she works part-time at a maid café.

And when Takumi Usui, a fellow student with a strong-willed demeanor, uncovers her secret, their relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Maid Sama! is not only one of the best comedy anime available on this platform but also one of the best romance anime on Hulu.

So if your goal with this list was to find a great classic romantic comedy to enjoy some quality time, you’re unlikely to find a better option.

2. Ranma ½

Ranma 1/2 is an iconic cohabitation romance anime, adapted from a manga by the legendary Rumiko Takahashi. It aired from 1989 to 1992, with a total of 161 episodes.

The story revolves around martial arts expert Ranma Saotome, who, due to a curse, transforms into a girl when exposed to cold water.

His engagement with Akane Tendo sets the stage for a series of hilarious misunderstandings and mishaps as they are compelled to live together and navigate their unconventional predicament.

Yes, we must admit it: the animation in Ranma 1/2 has aged and not too well, to say the least.

But trust us and don’t let that detail deter you, because otherwise, you’ll be missing out on an exceptional series, featuring top-notch comedy and a romance that remains innovative and enjoyable even by today’s standards.

If your goal was to find a vintage gem on this list to watch on Hulu, then we are pleased to say you have found it.

1. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime based on a seinen manga in recent years, and luckily for you, you can currently find it on Hulu.

The story revolves around Saitama, a 25-year-old boy who decides to become a hobby hero and possesses the power to defeat any enemy with a single punch.

But this power is also a curse, as it forces him into a boring life with no one to really challenge him.

One Punch Man is a perfect choice if you want to combine comedy and gags that will make you burst into laughter with lots of beautifully choreographed action.

This is even better if you have read a lot of battle shonen manga and you know the most common stereotypes.

But even so, One Punch Man is a great choice if you are looking for entertainment and laughs.

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