15 Funny & Cheeky Anime Like Prison School To Laugh More

Prison School is a well-received anime from 2015 that has garnered its own set of fans thanks to its mix of dirty jokes, ecchi moments, and comedy.

While it may not be considered a narrative masterpiece, it serves as a perfect option for those seeking a straightforward series without lofty ambitions.

If after watching it you find yourself wanting more, here’s a list of recommended anime like Prison School that you must add to your watchlist.

15. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase is an excellent choice to watch after Prison School if you appreciated the fast-paced, demented comedy of the latter, despite the substantial differences between the two.

Notably, Asobi Asobase features an all-female cast, lacks ecchi content, and doesn’t share the characteristic premise of Prison School involving boys in an all-female school.

But if you’re open to a series with both similarities and differences, it might be a refreshing choice to add some variety to your viewing experience.

Its story chronicles the absurd daily lives of 3 classmatesHanako, talented at board games but terrorized by her sister, Olivia, a blond foreigner who can’t speak Japanese fluently and Kasumi, an apparently composed girl.

14. High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead is a recommended anime to follow after Prison School if you appreciated the latter’s mix of intense ecchi moments within what appears to be a serious storyline.

Though the plots are distinctly different, with one being a school comedy and the other involving a zombie invasion.

In High School of the Dead, a mysterious deadly disease has spread throughout the world, with catastrophic repercussions for humanity, resulting in attacks caused by the living dead, called Them.

A group of high school students in Japan has banded together to escape the zombie onslaught, while also trying to figure out who or what is responsible for the ongoing apocalypse.

13. Kakegurui


On the other hand, Kakegurui is an excellent choice if you enjoyed the fusion of a school setting with perverted themes, despite the distinct approach each anime takes in handling these themes.

While Prison School employs these themes comically and through dirty jokes, Kakegurui presents them with a more authentic and “kinky” tone. (Trust us, it’s kinda hard to explain. Watch it if you want to understand what we are talking about).

The plot revolves around the Hyakkaou Private Academy, a private school whose pupils include children of wealthy and world-famous personalities.

The academy initially appears to be just another school, where students are instructed in ordinary subjects such as history and languages.

But overnight, students learn the art of gambling and money manipulation, betting their infinite fortunes and gambling them against each other to gain influence within the school.

The main character Yumeko is a naive girl who has just transferred in but soon discovers her enormous talent in gambling.

12. Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism is an ideal pick if you’re seeking a similar premise and themes as Prison School, but from a more serious perspective with less comedy and ecchi.

Both series share the theme of an all-girls school transitioning to a co-ed one and the presence of a strong group of girls who harbor animosity towards boys, aiming to humiliate them.

The Aichi Symbiosis Private Academy, originally an all-girls school, recently transitioned into a co-ed institution. As a result, female students sought permission to carry weapons, with most wielding simple sticks.

But a select group of five female students, known as the Supreme Five Swords, are granted the privilege of carrying real katanas.

Due to this policy, the school has admitted only a handful of male students, specifically delinquents undergoing reformation, which had to endure the harassment imposed by the Five Swords.

But this status quo remains until the arrival of Fudou, who refuses to tolerate their humiliation.

11. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo is a comedy anime from 2010 that shares numerous similarities with Prison School.

The most apparent is the central theme of a male character surrounded by females, leading to a plethora of comedic scenes, including those of a more risqué nature.

Additionally, both series are set in a school environment with ecchi elements, although it’s worth noting that Prison School has much, much more of it.

The story is set in Osai Academy, a high school originally reserved for girls only that recently decided to open its doors to the opposite sex.

But the numbers are still unbalanced with 28 boys and 524 girls.

So when freshman Takatoshi Tsuda is forced to assume the position of vice president of the student council, his adventures as the only boy within an all-female board will begin.

10. Daily Lives of High-School Boys

Daily life of High School Boys

If you enjoyed the concept of Prison School with its all-male main cast in a thoroughly comedic and light-hearted atmosphere, including dirty jokes, consider giving Daily Life of High School Boys a chance.

Despite the absence of the theme of imprisoned boys and having much less ecchi content than Prison School, we are confident you will like it.

The series revolves around the daily experiences of Tadakuni, Hidenori, Yoshitake, and their classmates at an all-boys high school.

Their main fixation, as expected, is none other than girls.

9. Punch Line

Punch Line deviates significantly in terms of plot, genres, and premise from Prison School, but you may still find it appealing for a very specific reason: lewd jokes, and a lot of them.

The main character is Yuuta Iridatsu, a boy who after a series of strange events, discovers himself with his spirit separated from his body.

What’s even more absurd is that if Yuuta were to glimpse a pair of women’s underwear, the world would come to an end, struck by a colossal asteroid.

Now, with Yuuta yearning to reunite with his body and a mysterious criminal organization aiming to exploit his condition to bring about the world’s destruction, what will unfold?

8. Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club

The aspects mentioned earlier for Daily Life of High School Boys also apply to Ping Pong Club: it revolves around a group of male characters, featuring a lot of dirty jokes and comedy.

And we put it slightly above Daily Life of High School Boys for one reason: it is more lewd than the latter.

The school’s Ping Pong Club in this anime is exclusively made up of an enthusiastic group of boys.

It’s composed by a spirited captain, a boy who’s popular with the girls and easily distracted by them, a couple of fanatics, and an American whose body emits unbearable odors.

And with the fact that everything, except Ping Pong, takes place inside the club, a professor aims to disband it, but the members are determined not to let that happen.

7. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist


Shimoneta may have a different plot and premise from Prison School, but it’s a perfect choice for you if the element you enjoyed in Prison School is its heavy dirty jokes and semi-explicit scenes.

It takes place in an alternate future where all forms of obscene language, gestures, or imagery have been banned and are considered crimes.

The story follows a group of students who are part of a rebellion against this system and aim to find a way to bring obscenity to the world and defeat the government. This led to the creation of the SOX group.

6. Nanbaka

On the other hand, if you’re seeking an anime similar to Prison School in its premises and themes but with a different perspective, we recommend Nanbaka.

Both series revolve around a group of male characters imprisoned in a prison and share a comedic tone.

Nanbaka has a slightly more serious undertone compared to Prison School, which primarily focuses on its dirty jokes.

The story revolves around four prisoners and their comedic escapades: Juugo, who has already attempted to break free but was apprehended, resulting in an extended sentence. Uno, the quintessential ladies’ man, Rikko, the brawler, and Niko, the nerd.

5. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Golden Boy has a significantly different plot and premise from Prison School. Still, we highly recommend not overlooking it due to its abundant presence of dirty and sexual jokes, ecchi, and comedy.

Follow the life of Kintaro, a free spirit and the embodiment of carpe diem.

He leaves the university, believing it has nothing more to teach him, and embarks on a journey across Japan on his mountain bike, and throughout his adventures, he proves to be a prodigy in everything he does.

Kintaro’s talents attract the attention of the beautiful girls he encounters, many of whom fall in love with him.

But with consistent regularity, Kintaro abruptly ends his relationships with these girls just at the most captivating moments to move on to the next one.

4. Rainbow


Rainbow is the ideal choice if you’re seeking an anime with a premise similar to Prison School, involving male characters confined in a prison, but with a dramatic and serious tone.

While it lacks the comedic elements and dirty jokes, if you’re inclined towards a more serious narrative, it is sure to captivate your interest.

Set in 1955, the anime follows the story of seven teenagers locked up in a reform school, who wait for the light in a succession of suffering, or the chance to escape.

3. Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School is a highly recommended anime if you enjoyed the comic and absurd atmosphere of Prison School, with its constant succession of jokes, including those of a more risqué nature.

The protagonist of the story, despite being a well-behaved young man, ends up attending the most infamous school in his area, Cromartie High.

There, he encounters a boy named Freddy who bears a striking resemblance to the singer of Queen, a gorilla, and a robot all donning school uniforms, as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world.

From this point, the narrative unfolds into the absurd escapades of the group in a completely demented atmosphere, with no discernible common thread connecting the various events.

2. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

GTO stands as one of the pinnacles of anime with school settings, brimming with comedy and dirty jokes, so it’s simply an absolute must-watch if you are a fan of Prison School.

Onizuka is a 22-year-old boy in a desperate search for work, which seems to yield poor results, probably because of his thuggish appearance.

After countless attempts, he manages to get a job at a private school, as a teacher in a class from which all the teachers run away.

GTO is a legendary series, a must if you are a fan of vintage comedies, with a great school setting and a character design that has made history.

But what truly distinguishes GTO is its profound critique of Japanese society, subtly hidden behind its comedy, yet profoundly evident.

1. Grand Blue

Grand Blue

Grand Blue stands out as one of the best recent anime with an academic setting, combining comedy and dirty jokes, so we are confident that fans of Prison School will love it.

The story follows Iori Kitahara, who moves to the Izu Peninsula to prepare for college and live with his uncle, the owner of the diving equipment store Grand Blue.

Despite his intention to focus on his studies, Iori is constantly drawn into the wild antics of his seniors, Shinji and Ryujiro, and their circle of friends.

He finds himself immersed in a world of parties and alcohol, constantly distracted from his academic pursuits.

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