The Top 11 Anime With An Overprotective Male Lead

The figure of the guy who results in a romantic protective way with the girl in the story has always had its appeal.

Whether it’s because we’ve all always wanted or wanted such a figure in our lives, we can’t help but adore characters like that, we can’t do much about it.

And so, we have collected for you the best anime that has an overprotective guy at their core, to appreciate this figure even more.

As always this listicle is purely based on our opinions and knowledge.

11. Plunderer


Plunderer is a manga that has been quite successful in recent years and received its first animated series in 2020. The genres are adventure, action, magic, and ecchi with supernatural elements.

In the dystopian world in which this anime is set, human beings are classified according to a variable number based on the individual’s behavior, which determines their social position.

But what happens when that number falls to zero? That person disappears, swallowed into the abyss.

Hina’s mother, before this fate befell her, said mysterious last words, indicating to look for a man named Light Bach.

Don’t worry, it’s not spoilers, Hina will find him very soon, and from the very beginning, an increasingly close and intense relationship will develop between the two.

However, Hina is a very awkward and helpless character, reasoning that Light Bach will decide to take her under his protection, becoming more and more protective of her.

10. Acchi-Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi is one of those anime with a soft-style design that exists solely to entertain and that’s all, with no major plot or plot twists.

We will see the everyday life of five classmates amid laughter, absurd situations, and fights. The characters are Tsumiki, Io, Hime, Mayoi, and Sakaki, in a mixed cast of males and females.

In addition to the absurdities, we will see cute romantic moments, especially between Tsumiki and Io, the two main characters, who will know how to melt your heart in the sweet moments between the two of them.

And this is especially because Io is a guy who despite appearances is very sweet and caring, and he will prove it by protecting Tsumiki in a very romantic way.

9. Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Chronicle is a very distinctive anime, which we might improperly call a hybrid. This is because although its manga is under the shonen demographic it has elements and a style that is very reminiscent, in contrast, of a shojo.

Sakura is the princess of the Kingdom of Clow and lately, she often dreams of a mysterious symbol, which in one way or another appears in all her dreams.

Mysteriously, one day, this symbol is found by her friend Shaoran during an expedition. Upon mere contact with the artifact, the princess loses her memories, which materialize in the form of feathers that are scattered throughout all dimensions.

Shaoran thus decides, to save her and make up for his mistake, to set out on a journey with Sakura to find her lost memories.

If that is not being overprotective, then we don’t know what is.

8. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine Doll

Unbreakable Machine-Doll is an adaptation of the homonym light novel, and is a series packed with action, combat, and fantasy.

At the dawn of the 20th century, scientists developed a sophisticated magical art called Makinot. It involves the creation of electrical circuits through spells to bring objects to life.

Akabane Raishin, a young Japanese man who makes use of this technique, leaves for England to study at Walpurgis Royal Academy and become the best Makinot puppeteer in the world.

This inclusion is slightly controversial, but those who have seen this anime know that the Makinot, the dolls that are built by puppeteers, look and act for all intents and purposes like human beings.

And the protagonist will take incredible care of his Makinot, becoming very overprotective.

7. Wolf Girl Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince

12-episode sentimental comedy based on a successful shojo manga, which also received a live-action adaptation.

Erika, the main character, lies to her two friends, saying she has a boyfriend when she doesn’t.

But when asked by the two to send a picture of her supposed boyfriend, Erika panicked and took a picture of the first good-looking guy she passed on the street.

But after seeing the picture, the two realized that that boy was Sata Kyouya, the most popular first-year student. Erika will thus go to beg him to pretend to be her boyfriend, but little does she know that underneath that princely appearance lies a lot of badness.

In fact, Sata will initially prove to be really mean, taking advantage of the situation to torment Erika and have fun behind her back.

But as the story progresses, Sata will become more and more caring, gradually showing affection for Erika and making it clear that he is not as much of a bad boy as he seems.

6. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic School is an anime aired in 2014. The plot is set in the late 21st century, in a future where magic has become commonplace and had merged with technology.

The events follow the lives of a group of boys attending a school where magic is taught and where the students are divided into courses based on their talent.

The main character called Shiba Tatsuya is relegated to the Second Course, the one for less talented magicians, as opposed to his sister, who ends up among the most talented in the institution from the start.

Despite that, he will prove to possess extraordinary technical knowledge and physical combat capabilities.

He doesn’t give up and manages to prove everybody wrong by showing his real talent.

This will surely, as can be guessed, cause him to have no small amount of charm, eventually attracting attention and becoming desired by many girls in the school.

But despite this Tatsuya will continue to be loyal only to his sister Miyuki, being very protective of her, and perhaps even more so. But if you want to see what lies behind their relationship and how it will turn out, start this anime.

This success of this anime has to be credited to its simple but effective plot, a futuristic setting that mixes science and magic, and some competent MCs.

5. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight is an anime based on a shojo manga, as is recognizable from the character design of the characters, typical of such works.

The story is set in an unusual school, divided into 2 sections: the Day Class and the Night Class. The former is attended by ordinary human students, while the latter is attended by vampires.

But this is not public knowledge, and indeed this secret must be kept hidden in every way, for the preservation of the two species.

For this, there are guardians, 2 students charged with maintaining the balance between the two classes, and these two will be the main characters, Yuuki and Zero.

Vampire Knight is an anime that creates a mix of classic anime about vampires and not. We have the typical horror atmosphere and a lot of action, but at the same time, we also have sentimental and lighter elements.

These sentimental elements also involve a love triangle between the 2 protagonists and Kaname, the night class leader, who will develop an overprotective attitude toward the girl, his only love.

4. Snow White with Red Hair

Snow white with Red hair

An award-winning anime and one of the best historical romance anime that, as you may have already guessed from the title, openly takes inspiration from the Snow White fairy tale, along with its medieval-like historical setting.

Shirayuki is a young herbalist who leads a quiet existence in the kingdom of Tambarun.

One day Raji, the prince of her country, decides to take her with him as his concubine. Shirayuki does not want this and decides to run away to escape this arranged marriage.

During her escape, she will meet Prince Zen, who welcomes her to court as a herbalist to help her resolve the matter and save her, but the two will end up falling in love in a heart-warming love story.

Zen will decide to make Shirayuki’s life as beautiful as he has always wanted it to be, choosing to protect her and be protective of her so that she lacks nothing.

If your goal is to find a solid, twist-filled romance set in a medieval setting, then this is probably the best choice on this list, and perhaps even one of the best in general.

3. Maid Sama!

Maid Sama

This anime is set in Seika High School, a predominantly male high school where Misaki Ayuzawa achieved the position of first-ever female student council president.

Its primary purpose, given the clear majority of males, is to protect girls from boys.

Misaki encounters Takumi Usui as he rejects a love confession by a classmate who starts crying.

Misaki tries to intervene, but Usui shows total indifference, and so the relationship between the 2 begins in the worst possible way.

But Misaki is hiding a secret, namely that outside of school hours she works at a maid-cafe, and guess who will find out about her on that same day? Usui, of course, will have to keep the secret so as not to ruin the girl’s school career.

Maid Sama! is one of the best romance anime with reverse harem and romance where two enemy characters end up falling in love subgenres.

It also has that trait typical of works from shojo and a large moe component given by the maids, so it recommends itself.

But despite the reverse harem component that the story will take on as it goes along the male lead is and will remain Takumi, and rest assured that he is one of the coolest MC in the romance genre.

And this will be demonstrated with Takumi goes out of his way to protect Misaki from the other boys as a veritable bodyguard as their relationship becomes more and more intimate.

2. Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn

In a story about treason and revenge, the main character princess Yona is betrayed and forced to escape from her kingdom.

She will do everything in her power to reclaim her place, as shown by her resolute nature. The story is set in a fictional kingdom that takes inspiration from the Three Kingdoms period of Korea, around 57 BC to 668 AD.

On her journey, she will be accompanied by her faithful general Son Hak, but along the way she will meet a great many male characters, creating a respectable reverse harem for herself.

And Son Hak, as a good bodyguard and Yona’s childhood friend, will be extremely loyal and protective throughout the story, becoming a real key element in the events.

If you are interested in knowing how her revenge will end, but also who she will end up with, start this respectable anime.

Yona of the Dawn is one of the best examples of romance set in a historical context in recent years, which also goes to mix historical and war elements.

It is truly an anime that we absolutely recommend, genres aside, mostly because Yona is one of the best female MC in a fantasy anime.

1. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

A classic romance anime with supernatural elements and a cult in the romance genre that received a remake in 2019 by Studio TMS Entertainment.

The story follows Tohru Honda, a girl that starts living in a tent after a family tragedy. Her tent is located inside the Souma residence, a very peculiar household.

Once they know about her situation, they offer to let her live inside their house. The strange thing about the Souma family is that when they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex, they transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Tohru will specifically enter into very close relationships with Yuki and Kyo, two popular boys of the Souma family, from which one of the best love triangles will also arise.

Yuki and Kyo also have very different and complementary personalities, and since you may be wondering, it is Kyo who has the protective nature between the two, but in a very cute and romantic way.

Fruits Basket is a cult for sentimental fans, and one of those romance anime that just can’t be missed if you’re a fan of the genre.

And this is not only because of its very touching and sweet love story but also because the fantasy component of this anime gives that extra touch to the events that make it the unique vision it is.

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