The 13 Action Anime Where Girls Are Madly Obsessed With MC

Romance is without a single doubt one of the most-watched genres ever. It’s rich in tropes, subgenres, and stereotypes that make it suitable for any taste and audience.

And one of those most talked about dynamics is definitely the one where the girl is obsessed with the main character.

We have collected for you the best action anime where one or more girls are obsessed with the protagonist. The addition of the action genre is to combine the harem trope with dangerous or fast-paced situations.

As always this listicle is purely based on our opinions and knowledge.

13. Val × Love

Val × Love

Takuma Akustu wants to live a peaceful and lonely life devoting himself to study, but everything changes when he becomes involved in the affairs of the Saotome sisters, Valkyries.

Summoned by Odin himself, Takuma discovers that the Valkyries’ power is based on love, so he will be forced to become increasingly intimate with the 2 sisters to save the world.

Too bad that both sisters will end up, in different ways, being obsessed with Takuma.

Val x Love is full of clichés and obvious twists but we still recommend it if you want to watch something cheap and just for fun.

12. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine Doll

From the light novel of the same name is adapted the anime of Unbreakable Machine-Doll, a series packed with action, combat, and fantasy.

At the dawn of the 20th century, scientists developed a sophisticated magical art called Makinot. It involves the creation of electrical circuits through spells to bring objects to life.

Akabane Raishin, a young Japanese man who makes use of this technique, leaves for England to study at Walpurgis Royal Academy and become the best Makinot puppeteer in the world.

Set in a version of a London with magical and steampunk elements it encapsulates several elements, from action to classic school and love subplots.

Unbreakable Machine Doll is an enjoyable anime with a nice setting and interesting design.

11. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs is an ecchi-harem comedy anime with supernatural elements released in 2018 in 12 episodes.

Fuyuzora Kogarashi is a boy with spiritual powers who is totally broke and looking for a place to live.

One day he stumbles upon the Yuragi-sou guesthouse, with the peculiarity that it is convenient since it is haunted by the spirit of a girl named Yuna.

But when Kogarashi shows that he has no problem living with the spirit girl, the other inhabitants of the inn reveal their natures, making it clear that they are all spirits.

Lots of harem, lots of comedy, and lots of awkward and funny situations.

And of course, as happens in these anime, the characters will be of all kinds of stereotypes, obsessed girl included.

10. Shimoneta


An anime that contrary to the norm makes ecchi its main theme and not an accompaniment.

Shimoneta takes place in an alternate future where all forms of obscene language, gestures, or figures have been banned and put on the level of actual crimes.

The play follows the story of a group of students who are part of the rebellion against this system, tasked with finding a way to reintroduce obscenities into the world and defeat the government. This is the birth of the  SOX group.

The anime borders on the demented, and makes as mentioned above the ecchi the real focus of the story.

The funny and at times surreal scenes will keep you entertained time and time again, making for light viewing with comedy bordering on the vulgar.

And one of the recurring comic gag concerns the student council president, Anna Nishikinomiya, who after discovering love develops a real obsession with our protagonist.

9. Plunderer


Plunderer is a manga that has been quite successful in recent years and received its first animated series in 2020. The genres are adventure, action, magic, and ecchi with supernatural elements.

In the dystopian world in which this anime is set, human beings are classified according to a variable number based on the individual’s behavior, which determines their social position.

But what happens when that number falls to zero? That person disappears, swallowed into the abyss.

Hina’s mother, before this fate befell her, said mysterious last words, indicating to look for a man named Light Bach.

Hina will find him very soon, and from the beginning, an increasingly close and intense relationship will develop between the two, as the boy will save the girl multiple times.

But Light Bach has one distinct characteristic, which is emphasized many times throughout the opera, and that is that he is an extremely attractive man.

Because of this, many girls in the series will end up being attracted to him, but none as much as Mizuka Sonohara, who will be obsessed with him.

8. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Strongly fantasy series released only in 2020 from ecchi atmospheres with lots of action.

After defeating everyone, the demon lord Anos is now tired of the perennial fighting and decides to reincarnate hoping to have a finally peaceful second life.

He awakens 2,000 years in the future in a peaceful world, but where the level of magic has plummeted and his wizard descendants are much weaker than he remembered.

Ending up as a student at the Demon King’s Academy, he decides to set things right.

This anime is memorable for the presence of its charismatic and strong protagonist, quite a badass that makes this series one of the best anime where the MC is a demon lord.

Anos within the anime is a charismatic, strong, and attractive man, so it’s obvious that every female character is crazy about him.

And it doesn’t even make sense to list them because every woman who sees him ends up obsessed with him.

7. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic School is an anime aired in 2014. The plot is set in the late 21st century, in a future where magic has become commonplace and had merged with technology.

The events follow the lives of a group of boys attending a school where magic is taught and where the students are divided into courses based on their talent.

The main character called Shiba Tatsuya is relegated to the Second Course, the one for less talented magicians, as opposed to his sister, who ends up among the most talented in the institution from the start.

Despite that, he will prove to possess extraordinary technical knowledge and physical combat capabilities.

He doesn’t give up and manages to prove everybody wrong by showing his real talent.

This will surely, as can be guessed, cause him to have no small amount of charm, eventually attracting attention and becoming desired by many girls in the school.

But the real obsession for Tatsuya will be from his sister, Miyuki, who will be much obsessed with him.

6. Gleipnir


Gleipnir is an anime released in 2020, and it deserves nomination as one of the most bizarre anime in recent years because of its strange transformations.

Shuichi Kagaya is a guy who can transform into an incredibly powerful animatronic-like beast, similar to a power-suit.

After hiding his power since he was born, he decides to rescue a girl from a burning building. But the girl was semi-conscious and being a student at his school found out soon after.

This is how he starts blackmailing Shuichi, telling him that if he doesn’t help her find his missing sister, he will reveal his secret to everyone.

The girl’s name is Claire, and she is a classic example of a female character in anime who initially hates the protagonist.

But as the story continues she will begin to be more and more attracted to him, until it turns into obsession.

5. Date a Live

Date a Live

Shido Itsuka, a young boy like any other, is awakened by his little sister convinced that he is about to experience another humdrum day like any other.

This belief of his is soon shattered when he steps outside his home and sees his town completely devastated.

Investigating, Shido encounters the culprit Tohka, an extremely powerful spirit who has escaped from captivity and can destroy not only the city but also the entire world if she wanted to.

There is only one way for the boy to stop her, and that is by fulfilling the girl’s absurd demands. And her request is precise to take her on a date.

Too bad that, as time goes on, the girl will develop a truly dangerous obsession with Shido, making her mission more and more complicated.

A highly acclaimed series with action, harem, and ecchi with Sci-Fi, all accompanied by a sentimental plot.

4. High School DxD

High School DxD

What could be called by many the king of fanservice anime. In fact, it’s practically its workhorse and High School DxD doesn’t intend to hide it.

The story follows the events of Issei Hyoudou, a perverted student attending high school like any other who sees his highly anticipated first date goes decidedly wrong.

The boy is killed by the beautiful girl he is dating, only to come back to life thanks to the intervention of the beautiful and popular girl Rias Gremory, who makes him her assistant slave and gives him demoniac powers.

Thus begins his adventure filled with fights between Angels and Demons, but also with beautiful girls who increase his Harem of which he dreams of becoming the King.

And like any self-respecting harem, within it, we will have all kinds of personalities as far as girls are concerned. We will go from the tsundere, the kuudere and the one obsessed with the main character, which in this case is Akeno.

High School DxD is a must for any fan of ecchi anime with lots of fanservice. It can be funny, and serious, with lots of action and well-fitting and contextualized erotic moments.

3. Future Diary

Future Diary

The protagonist, Yukiteru Amano, is an antisocial and depressed boy who keeps a diary on his cell phone in which he notes everything that happens around him.

He thinks he has an imaginary friend called Deus Ex Machina, the lord of time. One day Deus decides to organize a game and makes a change to his diary, which now reports future events.

This starts a survival game where participants must try to kill each other or destroy their opponents’ future diaries to take the place of Deus as the god of time and space.

You will surely get to know Yuno Gasai, the almost prototypical Yandere girl who will fall madly in love with Yukiteru despite the cruel deaths that happen on the wheel.

Too bad that the love the girl will develop for Yukiteru is anything but healthy. It will, in fact, without mincing words, be a true obsession, bordering on insanity.

But at least this means that it’ll be a romance with no harem, right?

2. Akame Ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill! follows a young boy called Tatsumi, who comes from an impoverished village and decides to join the Night Raid led by Akame in his quest to help his hometown.

This is a group of assassins that is supporting the cause of the Revolutionary Army and is trying to overthrow Prime Minister Honest who is manipulating the child Emperor.

Akame Ga Kill! is an interesting and complete series. It’s one of the best action anime, with sad moments, gore, romance and even some cool sword fights.

And even these romantic moments are different in nature, as we have classic ones, such as those between Tatsumi and Mine, but also examples of obsessive love.

And this is the case of Esdeath, one of the villains, who will lose her head over our protagonist.

1. Death Note

Death Note

Death Note is the anime made for lovers of detective confrontations involving a lot of psychology and mind games, with two of the best genius MCs ever.

It’s the perfect example of a psychological thriller, able to perfectly tie together elements of the fantasy and gothic worlds.

Light Yagami is a young model student, who nevertheless harbors strong disgust and disappointment with the world around him.

His life will change drastically when one day he sees a mysterious notebook, the Death Note, fall from the sky, capable of causing the death of anyone simply by writing his name.

Light’s plans are clear, to use the notebook to kill as many criminals as possible to purge this world of evil.

But soon he will have to deal with L, one of the greatest private investigators, hired to unravel the mystery of the continuing deaths among criminals.

Misa Amane, one of the key characters in the plot, will end up obsessed with Light, unabashedly doing anything he asks of her.

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