The Top 10 Anime Like Parallel World Pharmacy

Parallel World Pharmacy is a 2022 isekai anime with a medical theme that has successfully distinguished itself among the numerous isekai series released each season.

Its appeal lies in the blend of genres, a unique premise, a colorful setting, a well-developed main character, and several other merits that leave viewers yearning for more after watching the last episode.

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through the best anime like Parallel World Pharmacy that no fan should overlook.

10. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Atelier Ryza is an anime similar to Parallel World Pharmacy in some aspcets, sharing certain elements while also presenting a different premise and plot. We’ve indeed placed it last on our list because it offers a fresh story while still retaining some similarities.

For the similarities, both are fantasy anime where the main character learns and utilizes alchemy for medical purposes, but there are also significant differences.

Unlike Parallel World Pharmacy, Atelier Ryza is not an isekai, and its story is more centered around adventure and mystery.

Ryza is a girl tired of her boring village life that one day, escapes to meet up with her friends at a secret spot to talk about their dreams and plan exciting adventures.

And it’s during one of these trips that they’ll have an unforgettable adventure…

9. The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is a perfect choice if you’re seeking an anime with the same premise of Parallel World Pharmacy but with a different storyline.

Both series are isekai with the main character being reincarnated into an aristocratic role, continuing the same profession as in their past life, but with a huge difference.

In The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat, the protagonist is an assassin, and in Parallel World Pharmacy, the focus is on a pharmacist.

The story revolves around Lugh Tuatha Dé, a renowned assassin who was once considered the deadliest in the world.

However, after meeting his demise, he finds himself before a goddess who offers him a chance to be revived in another world as a wealthy aristocrat.

But there’s a catch: Lugh must fulfill a mission to kill the hero of that new world.

8. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is one of the most popular anime in recent years, and if you’re a fan of Parallel World Pharmacy and haven’t watched it yet, it might be a good opportunity to do so.

In both series, although through different premises, the protagonist finds themselves in a primitive world, where they utilize their modern scientific knowledge to navigate this new environment and make a mark.

In the year 5738, all humanity is turned to stone due to a natural disaster, leaving the world in a wild state. Ooki Taiju manages to awaken, being confronted with a completely different reality than he remembered.

After reuniting with his brilliant scientist friend Senku the story begins, to try to understand why this apocalypse occurred.

7. By the Grace of the Gods

By the Grace of the Gods is an anime with a different plot and progression compared to Parallel World Pharmacy, but it’s a perfect watch due to the relaxed and laid-back vibes they share.

Both feature a young main character who, having been hard workers in their previous lives, now run their businesses in their respective worlds.

Ryoma Takebayashi is a middle-aged man who suddenly dies one day, regretting that he did not live a particularly cheerful or fulfilling life.

But he will unexpectedly find himself in the presence of 3 deities, who decide to reincarnate him as a child in a world populated by all kinds of magical creatures.

Here he will find his great passion: breeding and domesticating slimes.

6. Snow White with Red Hair

Snow white with Red hair

The shared combination of a protagonist who is a medical expert, a fantasy/medieval setting, and a vibrant and colorful backdrop makes Parallel World Pharmacy and Snow White with Red Hair perfect similar anime.

The story of Snow White with Red Hair follows Shirayuki, a young herbalist living a peaceful life in the kingdom of Tambarun. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Prince Raji forces her into an unwanted arranged marriage. Determined to escape this fate, Shirayuki flees.

During her escape, she encounters Prince Zen, who welcomes her into his court as an herbalist and offers his assistance in resolving her predicament.

And as they spend more time together, a heartwarming love story unfolds between them.

5. The Apothecary Diary

The Apothecary Diaries

The Apothecary Diary is an ideal choice to watch after Parallel World Pharmacy if you’re seeking an excellent anime with both similarities and differences, to add some variety.

Both series feature a main character with expertise in medicine, set in fantasy worlds.

At the same time, the distinctions set in when considering that The Apothecary Diary is not an isekai, is placed in an ancient Chinese setting and incorporates compelling mystery elements.

Set in ancient China, a time when women were customarily purchased as slaves to serve as concubines in the emperor’s harem, the story follows the main character, MaoMao.

Distinct from other women like her, she chooses to keep a low profile, immersing herself in her passion for medicine.

But when rumors circulate in the emperor’s court that the ruler’s children have mysteriously fallen ill, MaoMao finds herself unable to stay on the sidelines and instead, she embarks on an investigation to uncover the truth.

4. Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside

Banished From The Hero’s Party has a different premise compared to Parallel World Pharmacy, but the plot shares similarities with both main characters being pharmacists helped by their friends.

The big difference lies in the premise tho, as Banished From The Hero’s Party is not an isekai.

The main character is Red, a boy with powers that make it hard for him to keep up with his fellow hero party members, unlike his talented sister.

That’s why one day he gets expelled from the party, but this doesn’t mean his life is over, as he can now start a new humble life on his own terms and help people.

3. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm is an excellent anime to watch after Parallel World Pharmacy, and for a lot of reasons.

Both are isekai where the main characters use their knowledge of the modern world to navigate in the new world they find themselves in, and both series totally lack action.

The obvious different lies in the focus: Ascendance of a Bookworm centers around literature, while Parallel World Pharmacy revolves around medicine.

The protagonist, Urano Motosu, is a young college student with a passion for books.

She reads anything she can get her hands on and has a dream of becoming a librarian. But tragically, she dies in an accident just as she’s close to achieving her dream.

Her last wish is to be able to read more books in her next life, and that’s how she reincarnates as Myne, a five-year-old girl living in a medieval era where books are made by being copied by hand.

2. The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is another anime that you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of Parallel World Pharmacy.

Both are isekai stories where the main characters, upon entering the new world, immerse themselves in the realm of medicine, with the key difference that lies in the protagonists.

In The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent, the main character is a girl who has to rebuild her life from scratch and learns about medicine. On the other hand, in Parallel World Pharmacy, the protagonist is already part of a family of doctors.

Sei is a hardworking girl who, after a long day of work, finds herself unexpectedly summoned to the mysterious Kingdom of Slantania as a Saint, with the role of protecting the kingdom from the threat of rampaging monsters.

But upon her arrival in this new world, it is revealed that the great Magus has accidentally summoned 2 Saints: Sei and another girl with brown hair.

Since only one Saint is needed, the other girl is chosen, and Sei is left to forge a new life from scratch in this unfamiliar world while learning medicine.

1. Drugstore in Another World: The Slow Life of a Cheat Pharmacist

But the first spot should undoubtedly go to Drugstore in Another World for a simple reason: it’s identical to Parallel World Pharmacy.

Both stories begin with the premise of the pharmacist being reincarnated in a new world, where they utilize their medical skills to heal people.

It’s a foolproof choice this time. If you enjoy one, you’ll undoubtedly like the other.

The main character is Reiji, an employee forced to work like a slave for his company who one day is suddenly transported to another world.

Here, he will use his skills and knowledge of the modern world to open a pharmacy for various creatures that inhabit this new world, offering things like Elf eye drops.

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