The Top 12 Anime By Wit Studio To Expand Your Horizons

Wit Studio is arguably one of the top anime studios in recent years. Despite being founded only in 2012, they have garnered significant acclaim for their work on some of the most acclaimed titles of recent times.

This mainly includes their involvement in the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime series to date, but they’ve also worked on other notable titles like Spy x Family.

With that in mind, we invite you to explore our list of the best anime produced by Wit Studio that you shouldn’t miss.

12. Rolling Girls

The Rolling Girls is an anime with a lively and humorous style, originally released in 2015, consisting of 12 episodes produced by Wit Studio.

It has now been ten years since the Great Decisive Battle of Tokyo, in which all Japanese prefectures became independent states.

But in this context that may seem serious and dark, we actually follow the light-hearted and carefree life of three orderly girls and their absurd days.

The Rolling Girls is a lighthearted and incredibly entertaining anime that will immerse you in the absurd adventures of the 3 protagonists as they attempt to change the world despite being perfectly ordinary people.

We don’t recommend it for those seeking a serious anime with a logical narrative, but rather for those in search of some wholesome absurdity.

11. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is an anime that we have already mentioned several times for its great quality.

It’s worth mentioning that this series is one of the best supernatural anime in a historical context, being set during Japan’s Industrial Revolution

The world of Kabaneri shows us a post-apocalyptic scenario, where the Kabane infects people, making them like zombies with the only weakness in their hearts.

But Ikoma, one of the survivors, manages to create a weapon that turns the Kabane back to normal without killing them, giving new hope to humankind.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is an outstanding anime produced by Wit Studio that blends action, horror, and steampunk elements, which harmonize perfectly with its themes and setting.

The series delivers a serious and mature narrative, delving into profound themes such as survival, social breakdown, the human condition, and the consequences of fear and oppression on society.

10. Hozuki’s Coolheadedness

Hozuki's Coolheadedness

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness is a comedy anime based on a manga written by Natsumi Eguchi, set in a fantasy and supernatural world that aired in 2014 with 13 episodes.

The story revolves around Hozuki, the right-hand man of Yama, the ruler of the underworld and judge of the afterlife.

Despite his compassionate appearance, Hozuki is incredibly sadistic as he deals with various problems in the spirit world.

Hozuki’s Coolheadedness is celebrated for its biting satirical humor aimed at Japanese society and politics, sometimes even venturing into black comedy.

If there’s any criticism to be found, it’s that many of its jokes rely on Japanese inside jokes, which can be hard for us Westerners.

But this isn’t a big issue if you have watched a lot of anime and are willing to learn some new things.

9. After the Rain

After the Rain

After the Rain is an incredibly underrated romance anime that was released in 2018 with 12 episodes based on a manga by Jun Mayuzuki, featuring a mature storyline and excellent animation.

Akira Tachibana is the quintessential unattainable beauty, as captivating as she is aloof.

But even though everyone is in love with her, Akira is secretly in love with her middle-aged, divorced café manager who is also a father.

The plot of After the Rain delicately explores the theme of love between 2 individuals with a significant age gap, showcasing great sensitivity and realism on this sensitive topic.

The series doesn’t aim to promote this controversial dynamic and instead, it employs it to delve deeper into the characters’ psyches and aid them in overcoming their personal challenges.

All of this is complemented by animations characterized by a distinctive style, which undoubtedly enhances and sets the entire series apart even more.

8. The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún

The Girl on the Other Side

The Girl on the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún is a captivating OAV based on the homonym manga.

In this story, there exist two realms: the inner realm, inhabited by ordinary people, and the outer realm, populated by the cursed, who can pass on their curse through mere touch.

Just beyond the borders lies an abandoned village, where Shiva, a healthy child, resides alongside the Master, a cursed man who cares for her.

Unable to physically touch one another, their relationship transcends mere physical affection.

This show is characterized by stunning animation and a perpetual duality between light and darkness, present both in the animation style and the thematic elements.

The only downside is its shortness, as it’s just one single 10-minute-long episode that, for obvious reasons, can’t encompass the entire story found in the 11 volumes of the manga.

Watching it will give you a taste of the series, and we’re confident you’ll be drawn in.

7. Great Pretender

Great Pretender

Great Pretender is a recent anime released in 2020, consisting of 23 crime-themed episodes with lots of action.

Makoto Edamura is a criminal who, along with his partner Kudo, attempts to swindle a Frenchman in Asakusa.

But their scheme takes an unexpected turn when they realize that the Frenchman is none other than Laurent Thierry, a dangerous mobster who is not inclined to let them off easily.

Great Pretender is a lively and entertaining anime with plenty of action, that at the same time manages to be intricate, delving into the psychology and personal growth of its characters.

As you watch, you’ll embark on a journey with the main characters, with the locations constantly changing between America, Asia, and Europe.

All this while the series boasts colorful and fluid animations, possibly among the best in the last four years.

6. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a quite popular anime that was recently released and consists of 24 episodes that combine a tender plot with a fantasy setting.

The story follows Chise Hatori, a young girl who tragically loses her family and finds herself being sold at an auction.

But instead of a life of servitude, she is purchased by a mysterious man with a canine skull for a head. This man takes her under his wing and trains her to become a magician, offering her a chance to escape her tragic fate.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is renowned for its enchanting atmosphere that melds beautiful fantasy and fairy tale elements with dark and even creepy aspects.

But where this series truly excels is in its incredible emphasis on the psychology of the 2 main characters and their transformation from isolated individuals burdened by their pasts into better people due to their relationship.

We believe that if these themes resonate with your preferences, you’ll wholeheartedly adore this series.

5. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy Fluorite Eyes Song

Produced by the Wit Studio, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is an anime recently aired in 2021, consisting of 13 episodes in total.

The deeply science-fiction-driven story is set in 2056 when humanity invented androids.

Created to spread happiness by singing, Vivy is an android who travels the world singing in different shows. But when the situation requires it, she can also be a skilled fighter, despite being programmed to be nonviolent.

But when another android arrives one day from the future with terrible news, the plot begins to thicken.

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is an incredibly underrated Sci-Fi anime. It delves into typical genre themes, such as artificial intelligence and its connection with humanity, while also exploring the broader concept of the meaning of life.

All with a touch of mystery and excellent musical scenes, superbly animated.

If like us you are fans of Sci-Fi anime and haven’t watched it yet, you have no idea what you’re missing.

4. Spy x Family

Spy x Family

Spy x Family was undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of 2022 and for good reasons.

Twilight, one of the world’s top spies, has spent her life taking on undercover missions to make the world a better place.

One day he receives a particularly difficult assignment, and to succeed in his new mission he will have to form a temporary family and start a new life.

Joining him will be the beautiful and mysterious Yor, and Anya, a little girl with mysterious powers they will have to care for.

Spy x Family is a truly comprehensive and exquisite anime, weaving together elements of slice of life, comedy, romance, action, and even a backdrop filled with political intrigue and mystery.

And despite its seemingly light and cute atmosphere, the characters are much more complex and profound than they may seem.

It’s evident that its great popularity is well-deserved, right?

3. Ranking of Kings

Ranking of Kings is an excellent anime that has been able to attract a lot of fans and supporters right from the start.

Bojji is a deaf and powerless prince whose dream is to become a great king, but his poor abilities make his dream difficult to achieve.

This also makes him subject to teasing by the people and those around him, which results in him being lonely and isolated. But the encounter with Kage, an assassin who is the last survivor of his clan, will change his life.

The personal growth of the characters, especially Bojji’s, is the focus of the entire anime. We can confidently say that it is one of the most unique anime released in the 2020s, if not ever.

The decision to have a deaf protagonist in an action anime with fantasy elements is certainly distinctive and bold, but it proved to be incredibly successful.

All this with also one of the best and most unique animation styles you can find, but don’t be misled by its light and carefree appearance.

We know, we went heavy on compliments. But trust us, these accolades are completely deserved, and you’ll understand when you watch it.

2. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is one of the biggest media phenomena in recent years, and it’s clear why.

In Attack on Titan, humanity is relentlessly pursued by heartless giant humanoid creatures known as Titans, forcing them to seek refuge within massive walls, cut off from the rest of the world.

Eren Yeager, a young boy driven by a deep desire to eliminate all Titans, discovers that he possesses the power to transform into one, offering a chance to level the playing field.

Attack on Titan is a mix of fantastic characters, a story full of plot twists, and great animation from both studios that worked on it, Wit for the first 3 seasons and MAPPA onward.

Coming to the reasons for its popularity, we have an anime structured to perfection on multiple layers.

Its plot is based on survival, war, prejudice, politics and especially fear.

And this fear will be also conveyed to you, never making you feel safe since every character, even from the main cast, could die at any moment.

But really, we wouldn’t like to tell you too much to avoid spoiling anything. Attack on Titan is an experience that should be lived knowing as little as possible.

1. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is one of the most interesting and followed works in recent years, animated in two seasons by Wit Studio and based on the manga of the same name by Makoto Yukimura.

The plot follows the life of the warrior Thorfinn, in a stunning Viking world inspired by real historical events.

Thorfinn is a boy who became a warrior to avenge the death of his father Thors, who was killed by the pirate Askeladd on behalf of King because he had deserted years earlier to retire to a quiet life.

Vinland Saga is one of the best anime released in recent years, and there’s no debate about it.

Its story, centered around revenge and personal growth, is simply perfect, as are the characters in this series, both main and secondary.

The only issue we have to make you aware of is that Wit Studio only worked on the first season, with MAPPA taking over for the subsequent seasons.

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