The 12 Anime Like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing To Watch

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is a much more significant anime than one might think, and fans of the franchise in the US already know why.

This series came out in the second half of the ’90s, a period when the Gundam franchise had been almost forgotten after its boom in the ’80s, giving it a second life thanks to its success in the US.

For these reasons, we couldn’t help but make a list of the best anime like Mobile Suit Gundam Wing to experience that magic again.

12. Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the FranXX

Darling in the Franxx is one of the modern mecha anime with more mixed reviews. While many love it, many others dislike it.

If you haven’t watched it yet though, this could be your chance to do so and form your own opinion about it.

This is because it shares some similarities with Gundam Wing, such as a mecha/Sci-Fi plot centered around the relationship between the two protagonists and numerous plot twists.

Darling in the Franxx also has a more abstract and Sci-Fi component compared to Gundam Wing, which remains grounded in realism, so why not give it a chance?

It’s set in a distant future where humanity is on the brink of extinction due to giant beasts called Klaxosaurs. Humans live in fortified cities called Plantations and children are raised solely to pilot the FranXX, giant mechas which require a boy-girl pair to operate and fight the Klaxosaurs.

And in this story the protagonist, Hiro, is a boy without a partner who meets a mysterious girl named Zero Two, known as the Partner Killer.

11. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is an anime similar to Gundam Wing in terms of a Sci-Fi plot involving mechas, plot twists, and a focus on the relationship between the male and female MCs, but in a less mature tone aimed at a younger audience.

If that’s precisely what you’re looking for, then it might be a fitting choice.

Japan, 2029. The country falls into chaos due to the spreading of the Apocalypse Virus, causing the UN to intervene by removing every political authority and replacing them with the GHQ.

But a decade later, the country is still controlled by this organization with force, and this causes the birth of the Funeral Parlor, a group determined to liberate Japan.

And between the hustle, we’ll follow the events of Inori Yuzuriha Shuu Ouma, the two MCs.

10. Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic! is a mecha anime that, despite being aimed at a slightly younger audience compared to Gundam Wing, is a great recommendation due to its similar themes and tropes.

Both of these series focus heavily on political and military intrigue within the mecha genre, as well as exploring the dynamic between the male and female MCs.

We are quite sure that this series is a great addition to your watchlist if you enjoyed Gundam Wing.

The story revolves around a covert military team tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, a teenage girl with valuable scientific knowledge, from various organizations seeking to exploit her abilities.

Sergeant Sousuke Sagara is assigned to monitor Kaname by enrolling in her high school, but his militaristic upbringing and social ineptitude make it challenging for him to adapt to civilian life.

But when a terrorist ambush occurs, Sousuke prioritizes Kaname’s safety over following his orders.

9. 86

86 Eighty Six

86 is one of the more recent mecha anime releases that has proven to be a great surprise, and it might confirm itself as an excellent addition to this genre in the future.

It also shares several similarities with Gundam Wing, such as a plot rich in military intricacies and the theme of war and its consequences, so if you haven’t watched it yet, now’s your chance.

The story takes place in the fictional republic of San Magnolia, a country oppressed by unmanned machines known as Legion. To counter these attacks, the republic deploys similar machines, seemingly eliminating the need for human involvement.

But the truth is that these mecha are piloted by the secret unit known as 86, of which the main characters are members.

8. The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne is another excellent anime to watch after Gundam Wing, despite some differences.

Starting with the similarities, both are mecha anime with many plot twists and a strong focus on the relationship between the two main characters.

As for differences, while Gundam Wing is political and focused on sci-fi, Escaflowne leans more towards fantasy and adventure. At the same time though, we believe this actually makes it even more perfect if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air while still staying within similar vibes.

The protagonist, Hitomi Kanzaki, is a typical high school girl with two passions: running and tarot cards. One day, during her tarot readings, she experiences a vision of being transported to an unknown world.

Initially dismissing it as a mere dream, she soon realizes its reality when a dragon and a swordsman named Van Fanel appear before her during a training session.

Van rescues Hitomi by defeating the dragon, and they find themselves mysteriously transported to the war-torn planet Gaia, where a battle against the Zaibach empire rages.

7. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann has some differences compared to Gundam Wing, but we can’t help but recommend it for one simple reason: it’s simply a masterpiece of modern mecha anime.

We’re 101% sure in saying that if you’re a fan of this genre, this title is a must-have on your watchlist.

The story revolves around Simon and Kamina, two individuals weary of living underground who yearn to witness the vastness of the sky. Their lives take an extraordinary turn when they stumble upon the head of a robot known as Lagann during their underground excavation.

Upon activating this powerful mecha, they ascend to the surface and find themselves embroiled in a war against mysterious enemies.

6. Code Geass

Code Geass

Code Geass on the other hand might be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a series with a storyline similar to that of Gundam Wing, but with a twist.

This is because Code Geass shares with Gundam Wing a story centered around political and military intrigue, with a focus on the relationship between the male and female MCs, but it adds superpowers to the mix.

It’s also one of the best mecha anime of recent years, so we recommend not to miss it regardless.

In Code Geass, the story takes place in a world where Japan has been colonized by the British Empire and is now referred to as Area 11. The protagonist is Lelouch, obtains the power of Geass from a mysterious girl named C.C.

This power grants him the ability to exert absolute control over others by establishing direct eye contact and manipulating their minds.

With this newfound ability, Lelouch embarks on a quest for revenge against the oppressive British Empire, igniting a tremendous war between the two factions.

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is another icon of ’90s Sci-Fi/mecha anime that like Gundam Wing contributed to revitalizing this genre, so it’s simply unmissable.

It also shares some similarities with Gundam Wing in terms of plot twists and a few political entanglements, but as is well-known, Evangelion is a unique anime that goes far beyond that.

It’s a story that heavily relies on the psychology of its characters and their traumas, which perfectly blend with the mecha theme in a unique and unmissable anime.

Created by Hideaki Anno and the Gainax studio, the anime portrays a world under attack by mysterious cybernetic entities known as Angels that threaten the peace of humanity.

To fight them, the Special Agency Nerv uses special mechas called EVAs. The protagonist, Shinji Ikari, is hired by this group to pilot one of the robots, EVA 01, and attempt to end these attacks.

4. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Yes, Macross has some substantial differences from Gundam Wing, but you still can’t afford to miss it. This because it’s an iconic mecha anime that has made history in the genre.

And even if it has a completely different atmosphere and themes from Gundam Wing, we still feel that it is a must-watch for fans of the mecha genre thanks to its uniqueness.

Macross is a truly unique mecha anime with its mix of Sci-Fi, action, romance and even music and it’s unlikely that any others like it will ever be made again. 

The plot starts when a massive alien ship crashes on Earth. In fear of an alien invasion, the ship is quickly dismantled and used to construct a powerful spacecraft called Macross, just in case of a future war.

And confirming the suspects, on the day of Macross’ unveiling, the alien race known as Zentradi attacks Earth, sparking a thrilling space battle.

But romance will take center stage, with the iconic love triangle between pilot Hikaru Ichijo, Macross officer Misa Hayase, and idol singer Lynn Minmay, who plays a significant role in the war effort.

3. Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is another series from the Gundam franchise that we highly recommend if you enjoyed Gundam Wing.

Like the latter (and like basically all series in the franchise) it features incredible plot twists and amazing political intrigues that will keep you glued to the screen. Don’t miss out on it, take our word for it.

Set 300 years after the conflict between Earth and Mars, the series start with Cordelia, a woman embarking on a journey to Earth to negotiate the independence of the Martian city of Chryse from Earth’s dominion.

The two main characters, Mikazuki and Orga, serve as escorts to Cordelia in a world oppressed by oppressive political forces.

But when a rebel group takes advantage of the situation, Orga initiates a coup, and Mikazuki finds himself compelled to pilot an aging Mobile Suit to confront the unfolding circumstances.

2. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is one of the peaks of sci-fi anime centered around political and military intrigue, so you simply can’t afford to miss it if you’re a fan of Gundam Wing.

Add it to your watchlist, you won’t regret it.

The story is set in the distant future, where humanity has colonized and expanded throughout the cosmos. Amidst the chaos of war, two protagonists emerge: Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-li.

Both characters possess exceptional leadership skills, intelligence, and talents. Reinhard is a natural leader with charismatic qualities, while Yang’s extensive knowledge of military history allows him to draw from past battles for his advantage.

1. Mobile Suit Gundam


Yes, we’re recommending the good old original Gundam series.

If you enjoyed the themes of mecha, war, and its aftermath portrayed in Gundam Wing, why not explore the series that started the entire franchise?

The first Gundam series dates back to 1979, and it goes without saying that its animation has aged over time and is just the beginning of a vast fictional universe.

But if you are not deterred by this and wish to delve into the origins that led to Gundam Wing in the ’90s, we encourage you to immerse yourself in it.

It has been half a century since humanity, due to overpopulation, began relocating to space colonies.

In the year 0079 of the Universal Century, Side 3, the farthest group of colonies from Earth declared themselves the Principality of Zeon and fought for independence, seeking to subdue all other space colonies.

That’s the beginning of a devastating war, that will forever alter the course of history in the universe.

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