The 10 Romance Anime Similar To KimiKiss Pure Rouge

KimiKiss Pure Rouge is a delightful romance anime set in a great school environment, featuring an engaging love triangle among its three main characters.

But what sets it apart is its chill atmosphere that creates a relaxed and enjoyable viewing experience, making it a standout quality of the series.

If you found these aspects appealing, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of the best anime like KimiKiss Pure Rouge that every fan of the series should consider adding to their watchlist.

10. Amagami SS

Amagami SS

KimiKiss and Amagami SS are two remarkably similar romance anime that are perfect to watch consecutively.

Junichi Tachibana is an unlucky boy when it comes to love, and he has made a firm promise to himself: he will not spend another Christmas alone.

Determined to change his fate, he sets out to win the heart of at least one of the numerous beautiful girls at his school.

Will he succeed, or will he encounter several disappointments along the way?

Despite having different plots and premises, Amagami SS and KimiKiss share common elements such as a school setting, a romantic theme, plenty of comedic moments, and even similar animation styles.

9. First Love Limited

First Love Limited

First Love Limited is quite different than usual romance anime that holds appeal for fans of KimiKiss due to several factors.

The premise of First Love Limited is truly unique within the genre, as it delves into the lives of eight girls as they navigate their first loves amidst ever-changing situations, from adorable love stories to intricate love triangles.

The events unfold through the perspective of Ayumi, the central protagonist, but throughout the 12 episodes, each of her friends is given their own dedicated screen time.

Just like KimiKiss, First Love Limited shares a lighthearted and comedy-filled atmosphere, a school setting, and, of course, the romance genre. We highly recommend giving it a chance as we are confident you will love it.

8. True Tears

True Tears

True Tears is a school romance that features a love triangle and cohabitation, similar to KimiKiss. However, the notable difference between the two lies in True Tears’ heavier emphasis on drama rather than comedy.

The story revolves around Shinichiro, who harbors feelings for Hiromi, a girl who appears distant and reserved due to her personal trauma.

However, when Shinichiro encounters Noe, a lively and cheerful girl, his feelings for Hiromi start to waver, leading to a dilemma of choosing between the two.

True Tears delves into more serious themes, as evident from its plot. Nevertheless, it shares common elements with KimiKiss, such as a school setting, the romance genre, and a compelling love triangle.

If you are seeking a more serious and dramatic perspective compared to KimiKiss, True Tears may prove to be a perfect choice for you.

7. Golden Time

Golden Time

Golden Time is an anime that we often include in our recommendations, as we consider it as one of the best romance anime with a comedy-rich love triangle.

The story revolves around the lives of three college students: Banri Tada, Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and Koko Kaga, who become entangled in a complex love triangle.

Banri Tada, the protagonist, suffers from amnesia after a fall from a bridge before his high school graduation, which adds an intriguing element to his character.

Mitsuo Yanagisawa is Banri’s friend, while Koko Kaga is Mitsuo’s childhood friend. Koko is an eccentric and passionate girl who makes a memorable entrance by slapping Mitsuo with a bouquet of roses.

However, their lives and personalities become intertwined in more complex ways than they initially anticipated, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

If you are seeking another romance anime filled with comedy and a love triangle in the plot, similar to KimiKiss, Golden Time is an excellent choice.

6. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb is a good romantic anime that features a well-crafted and captivating love triangle, much like KimiKiss Pure Rouge.

Based on a series of light novels, this anime follows the story of Yuuta and Rikka, two socially awkward individuals who end up living together due to unforeseen circumstances.

Their cohabitation gradually leads to the blossoming of their affection, until the arrival of Satone, an old acquaintance of Yuuta’s, who complicates their relationship and introduces a love triangle dynamic.

With its engaging school setting, abundant comedic moments, and a central focus on the intricate love triangle, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb is a highly recommended choice for fans of KimiKiss Pure Rouge.

5. From me to You

From me to You

For From Me to You, the same argument applies as for True Tears: It’s an anime that shares similarities with KimiKiss in terms of romance, school setting, and love entanglements, but it takes a more serious and psychological approach.

Sawako is a high school student who faces bullying from her classmates due to her resemblance to Sadako, the protagonist of the horror film Ring.

However, despite her perceived intimidating appearance, Sawako is a sweet and shy girl, which catches the attention of Shota, the most popular boy in school.

From Me to You is an excellent, tender, and complete love story with a significant focus on resolving trauma, which we believe would greatly appeal to fans of KimiKiss, despite the differences.

4. His and Her Circumstances

His and Her Circumstances

His and Her Circumstances has different premises when compared to KimiKiss, but we are still 100 percent sure to recommend it to any fan of the series and the romance genre in general.

Yukino Miyazawa is a model student who excels at everything she does. She’s popular and is an ace in every sport.

But when Souichiro Arima, who is just as skilled as she is, enrolls in her same high school, Yukino’s primacy is threatened.

This sparks a heated rivalry between the two that gradually evolves into something more.

His and Her Circumstances is a true milestone in the romance genre and one of the best school-based romcoms ever created in our opinion. Don’t miss it, despite its vintage animation.

3. Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex is an incredibly underrated, comedy-filled romance that you cannot miss if you are a fan of KimiKiss, but also in general.

The main characters in the story are Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani, two students who live in Osaka and attend the same high school.

Risa is 170 centimeters tall, which is quite tall for a Japanese girl, while Otani is a basketball player but only 156 centimeters tall, below average for the sport.

At school, they are nicknamed All Hanshin Kyojin, after a popular Japanese comedy duo consisting of a short man and a tall man. We will see the two gain more and more confidence because of this, and their love will develop into something solid.

Lovely Complex, like KimiKiss, is an excellent romantic comedy filled with comedy and set in a school environment.

The only difference is that Lovely Complex does not revolve around a love triangle but focuses solely on the two main characters. However, you will still love it.

2. Toradora!


Toradora! is considered one of the best romance anime set in a school environment that masterfully combines romance, comedy, and intricate love entanglements, in our opinion. It’s quite evident why fans of KimiKiss should absolutely give it a chance.

The story revolves around Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka, two high school students with contrasting personalities who form an unlikely alliance to assist each other in pursuing their respective crushes.

However, as they spend more time together, unexpected emotions may begin to surface between them.

If you enjoyed the romance, comedy, and school setting of KimiKiss, you are in for a treat with Toradora! There’s no way you won’t like it.

1. OreGairu

My Teeen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

OreGairu, without a doubt, stands as one of the best romance anime with a love triangle and a school setting currently available. Thus, the reason we wholeheartedly recommend it to fans of KimiKiss becomes quite obvious.

The story follows Hachiman Hikigaya, an antisocial high school student with a distorted and pessimistic perspective on social life, often leaving him isolated.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when his teacher compels him to join the school’s volunteer club, where he encounters Yukino Yukinoshita, one of the most beautiful and popular girls in school.

Despite their initial differences, they discover common ground and forge a connection. However, the entry of Yui, another attractive girl, ignites a love triangle.

OreGairu is filled with comedy, but its main focus delves into serious and psychological themes such as apathy, depression, and anxiety, as evident from the plot.

Yet, this remains the only distinction. Rest assured, if you seek a captivating love story with a love triangle and a school setting similar to KimiKiss, OreGairu stands as one of the best choices overall.

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